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Updated, Dec. 22nd 2006

Make Poverty History - see also Anti Capitalism
Make capitalist history- Protest at the G8 summit From the May 05 edition of Socialist Voice - By Daniel Waldron, Socialist Youth organiser

Make socialism our futureSocialist Voice - by Cillian Gillespie

Make poverty HISTORY From the May 05 edition of Socialist Voice - Paul Murphy

Malcolm X
Malcolm X - by any means necessary. Published in Socialist View, Spring 2005. - By Olivia O'Neill

"You Can't Have Capitalism Without Racism"
Looking Back at Malcolm X (1925-1965, By Hank Gonzalez, in Justice, the paper of the CWI in the USA.
February 21 marked the 40th anniversary of Malcolm X's assassination. Only 39 years old at the time of his murder, Malcolm X would have turned 80 on May 19 of this year. Read the rest here.

Marx - Eleanor
Eleanor Marx
Will Thorne of the Gasworkers' Union, writing in 1925 about Eleanor Marx's suicide on 31 March 1898 said: "But for this tragedy, I believe Eleanor would have still been living and would have been a greater women's leader than the greatest of contemporary women." Read more here.

Life and Times of Eleanor Marx
Review by Norma Prenderville of Eleanor Marx, Vol.'s 1 and 2, by Yvonne Kapp in Militant Irish Monthly, June 1985

The story of Eleanor Marx deserves to be widely known. It is the moving story of a strong minded, courageous and independent woman who devoted her talents ad energies, throughout her life, to the socialist cause.Read the rest here...

May Day
May Day 2005 - statement by the CWI - Make capitalism history – Fight for socialism!
May Day 2004 The struggle against imperialist occupation and capitalism. For a socialist alternative - cwi statement
May Day 2004 takes place at a time of increasing bloodshed and turmoil in Iraq. The conflict is at centre stage of world politics. Workers and youth across the world watch events in Iraq in horror. As well as marking international workers’ day, this year’s May Day will see protests against the imperialist occupation of Iraq. Read the rest of this statement.
may day protests for a socialist europe
May Day protests have been called to coincide with the EU summit taking place in Dublin that day. The right wing media have tried to whip up a sense of hysteria around the May Day protests, talking of how 1,200 newly trained riot police are ready with riot gear and water cannons for violence from "thugs". However they have consciously tried to ignore why people will be protesting against the EU agenda in the first place. By Cillian Gillespie Read more here from the April ‘04 Socialist Voice.
CWI May Day Statement, 2003
The History of May Day May 2002, SP in England/Wales

Mexico - Massive election fraud stands in the Socialist Sept. 2006
Mexico: Election fraud in the Socialist, July-August 2006

Middle East
Suez 1956: When British imperialism hit the rocks in The Socialist 9 November 2006

Middle East: Israeli capitalism suffers defeat in Lebanon in the Socialist Sept. 2006
Feature: Mid East crisis in the Socialist, July-August 2006
Lebanon's new crisis. In Socialist View, Spring 2005, by Stephen Boyd
After the Palestinian Authority elections: What lies behind attempts to reach a ceasefire?
Rotem, Maavak Sotzialisti (cwi), Israel

Muhammad Abbas, the newly elected leader of Palestine Authority (PA), faced his first challenge straight after the polls closed: a guerilla attack on the Karmi checkpoint, in the Gaza strip. This clearly showed that Abbas will have to try to cope with severe pressure from different directions, from the Israeli government and from Palestinian armed groups. After the Karmi attack, Sharon declared that Abbas is just as “irrelevant” as Arafat was. Although this statement was later taken back, it does show the pre-conditions that the Israeli ruling class is demanding for its support to Abbas. They demand that Abbas ‘controls’ the Palestinian armed groups on the ground.
Editorial: Abbas election - a new future for Palestinians? Article from the Jan. 2005 edition, the Socialist
Yasser Arafat (1929-2004) Palestinians mourn Arafat but struggle for liberation will continue
Rotem and Gal, Maavak Sotzialisti, Israel
Many Palestinians will view the death of Yasser Arafat with a mixture of sadness and a wish that the Palestinian Authority he led, had done much more to end the poverty and oppression that blights their lives. Read the rest of this obituary article by comrades in the Middle East.
Yasin assassination "Opened the gates of hell"
The assassination of Shaikh Ahmed Yasin, founder of Hamas, by the Israeli Defence Force last month clearly demonstrates the bankruptcy of the Sharon government. Read more here from the April ‘04 Socialist Voice.
Middle East: Sharon heading for disaster
The end of 2003 saw a renewal of bloodshed in the occupied Palestinian territories and Israel
Read more from the January 2004 Socialist Voice...
Israel-Palestine: Likud's victory sharpens struggle in Socialist View No 10, Spring 2003. By Ariel Gottlieb, CWI Israel.
Middle East developments Socialist Voice, June 2002
"Who can live like this? Who can die like this?" Sharon launches new war on Palestinians. CWI statement, 5/4/2
Sharon’s dead-end policy – Carnage brings Middle East to the brink of war 19th March 2002
Middle East teeters on the brink – Kevin Simpson, CWI Socialist Voice, Nov. 2001
Middle East: On a Knife Edge By Peter Hadden Socialist View, Summer 2001

Migrant workers - see also Gama reports
13 Migrant workers Abandoned on island - By Garrett Mullan From the Nov-Dec 05 issue of the Socialist.
Gama get new contract - From the Sept. 2005 edition of the Socialist
Health Service - Exploitation of migrant health workers From the Socialist, August 2005.
By Ciaran Mulholland

GAMA - slave labour outrage. Published in Socialist View, Spring 2005. By Kevin McLoughlin

Miners Strike See NUM

The politics of hip hop - Nicki Jonas, Socialist Party, Australia: Speech given at a public meeting in Preston, Melbourne in mid-2003.
It took me a long time to prepare this - The Politics of Hip Hop- because it’s such a massive subject. I mean, where do you start? Everyone that I spoke to about it had a different angle or point of view about what this should be about. Every aspect of hip hop is political in one way or another. So in the short time that we’ve got I’m going to try and cover as much as I can. For those with a lot of knowledge on the subject bear with me for a while cos for now I guess the best place to start is the beginning. from this speech..
A Brief History of Punk Rock By Clay Lewd and A-hole the Red In Justice Issue 21 September-October 2000. This is the paper of the USA cdes.
After 30 Years - Marvin Gaye's Album 'What's Going On?' By Eljeer Hawkins Justice Issue No 24 April-May 2001
May 2001 marked the thirtieth anniversary of the release of Marvin Gaye's landmark album 'What's Going On?' The album is a musical, Black-Detroit reflection on the social landscape of the 60's and 70's. The conditions of working class and poor people in the US and worldwide under capitalism have gotten worse since then and What's Going On still serves as a soundtrack to our reality.

Socialist Alternative Statement on the 2004 Nader Campaign
By Ty Moore, Students for Nader Coordinator, University of Minnesota

The electoral defeat of Kerry and the Democratic Party underlines, more than anything else, how right Ralph Nader was to challenge the two-party system. Read more here...

It's Time to Break from the Two-Party System!
Statement by Socialist Alternative, US section of the CWI, February 25, 2004
The moment Ralph Nader announced his run for president, the entire political establishment unleashed a torrent of abuse and condemnation. Nader's campaign has inspired a broad coalition opposing it, uniting in message and purpose the editors of The Nation magazine with the Wall Street Journal, the liberal intelligentsia with the strategists of Corporate America.Read more here...

National Question

Socialists and the national question

The race for the leadership of the Scottish National Party took a dramatic twist recently when on the day nominations closed former SNP leader Alex Salmond announced he was standing for party convener.
Philip Stott, CWI Scotland, 6th August 2004

Ireland - the national question
Reprinted from the International Information Bulletin No. 17, 28th Sept. 1993
The oppression of nations and national minorities, sectarianism, bigotry and ethnic conflict are a product of capitalism and imperialism. Of the 94-recorded wars between 1945 and 1988, 69 were intra-state conflicts. These conflicts left 30 million dead and created an estimated 29 million refugees. Read the rest of this August 1993 discussion article

Nat. Question. Statement from the International Socialists, CWI (Scotland) Sept. 2003

National Pay Deals
Vote No to the National Pay Deal by Denis Keane, President CPSU & Stephen Boyd Feb. 2003, Socialist Voice

New Labour See also Socialist Politics
New Labour, new leader, same policies in the Socialist Sept. 2006

NHS See also Health
Organ retention scandal in the Socialist Sept. 2006
Kick out NHS profiteers in the Socialist, July-August 2006
Stop cuts in health service in the Socialist, June 2006
Wealth for public health in the Socialist, April 2006
Health Service - Exploitation of migrant health workers From the Socialist, August 2005.
By Ciaran Mulholland

Hospital care in Tyrone & Fermanagh
No retreat on acute health services From the Socialist, August 2005.

Health Service - Exploitation of migrant health workers From the Socialist, August 2005.
By Ciaran Mulholland

Pamphlet: A Healthy Future: The SP Replies to the Hayes Report. By Ciaran Mulholland, March 2003
North: Reply to Hayes By Ciaran Mulholland Socialist Voice, Jan. 2003
NHS under attack: Action needed to stop closures – Ciaran Mulholland Socialist Voice, Nov. 2002
Health care crisis – Editorial March 2002, Socialist Voice
The 1982 General strike to support the NHS

Nice referendum
Nice Referendum: How the bosses got their ‘Yes’ vote Michael Murphy Socialist Voice, Nov. 2002
Nice Treaty Update by Joe Higgins Socialist Voice, Oct. 2002
On European enlargement after the 2nd Nice Referendum in the South. Socialism Today, Issue 70: Nov. 2002.
Alliance Against Nice “A Europe for People – Not Profits / War” Vote “No” to the Nice Treaty
Launch of ‘Alliance Against Nice’ Press Statement – 19th Sept. 2002
Nice treaty referendum II: Press Statement - 6th Aug. 2002 Claim that second “no” vote would lead to economic meltdown is designed to panic workers.
SP statements on Nice Referendum June-August 2002
Nice Treaty Referendum II Press Statement – 27th June 2002
Irish Government defeated on Nice Treaty - Robert Connolly Socialist View, Summer. 2001

Nigeria: All out general strike
THE NIGERIAN masses are once again preparing to demonstrate their massive anger against their government and the giant oil company Shell with an indefinite general strike planned for 16 November.
by Ashling Golden From the Nov. 2004 edition of Socialist, the new paper of the SP.

16 June 2004 - Nigeria, Democratic Socialist Movement Statement
The recent countrywide, general strike and protest called by Labour and Civil Society Coalition (LASCO) has revealed, with special clarity many crucial aspects of Nigeria's socio-economic and political situation. Many activists will have questions about what lessons can be learnt from what was the four general strike in fourth years and what should be the next steps.Read more here.......

Nigeria A country in crisis By Peter Hadden - Socialist View, Spring 2004
Peter Hadden reports for Socialist View on a visit to Nigeria last Autumn, made to support the Democratic Socialist Movement (DSM) in their work. The DSM is the Nigerian section of the Committee for a Workers' International and a sister organisation of the Socialist Party.
Socialist Democracy Special Bulletin August 2003
2003 - GENERAL STRIKE AGAINST FUEL PRICE HIKE The Lesson For The Working Masses After eight days of grim heroic struggles, the Obasanjo government was forced to reduce the recent increment in fuel prices by 15%. Now petrol officially is to sell at N34 per litre instead of N40, while diesel and kerosene respectively will sell at N32 instead of N38.Read more here.......

Nigerian CWI:Democratic Socialist Movement paper, Socialist Democracy Special Bulletin – Oct. 2001

NIPSA – [See also Trade Union Reports]
Fighting leadership needed for NIPSA From the May 05 edition of Socialist Voice by Carmel Gates

NIPSA - Billy Lynn for president From the May 05 edition of Socialist Voice

NIPSA - latest developments in disputes and union elections. This article was in the Feb. 2005 edition of the Socialist.
Special conference needed to discuss: Lessons of the civil service dispute Article in the October 2004 edition, Socialist Voice
THE CIVIL Service Pay dispute has ended on a low note. With a failure to win any pay increase for 2003 and the acceptance of a derisory 16 month pay offer for 2004, NIPSA members are now calculating the costs of what losing the dispute has meant for them and asking questions about who is to blame.
By Carol Barnett NIPSA General Council member (personal capacity)

All out on 5 Nov against job cuts Article in the October 2004 edition, Socialist Voice
CIVIL SERVANTS in Britain are preparing for a one day strike on 5 November against Gordon Brown's plans to cut 100,000 jobs in the service.

Ministers back down on NJC pay Article in the October 2004 edition, Socialist Voice
THE NATIONAL Joint Council (NJC) pay award for Local Government and related services was settled in July, with a three year pay deal of 8.65%. By Brian Booth

THE CIVIL Service pay dispute has reached a critical stage. The government is offering no pay increase for 2003 and only a miserable increase for 2004. NIPSA have rejected this and are recommending that members vote for an all out indefinite strike.
By Paul Dale, Civil Service Executive Committee NIPSA (personal capacity)
Support civil service workers
This article is from the Sept. 2004 edition, Socialist Voice
Call a one day public sector strike FIGHT BACK HAS BEGUN
THE BLAIR government is declaring war on public services and public service workers.
Shift to Left in NIPSA elections
THE GENERAL Council results in NIPSA represent a considerable step forward for the Let in the union. The activist based Time for Change coalition has had nine candidates elected including four Socialist Party members. Read this article from Socialist Voice, March 2004.

Civil service dispute - action must be escalated
THREE MONTHS on from the first one-day strike in the current dispute by civil servants, industrial action is still taking place across all departments. The second all out strike day on 6 February was supported by the overwhelming majority of workers. Support for the action in pursuit of a pay increase and anger among civil servants is growing.

By Carmel Gates, Civil Service Executive and NIPSA PresidentRead this article from Socialist Voice, March 2004.

Time for change in NIPSA: NIPSA MEMBERS found themselves in a storm of industrial action at the same time the union has carried out an election for the leading body of the union, the General Council. Read more here from the Feb. 04 Socialist Voice...
Civil service walkouts striking against low pay THOUSANDS OF NIPSA members in the Social Security and Child Support Agency walked out on unofficial strike action on 5 February Read more here from the Feb. 04 Socialist Voice...
Crèche workers win victory STAFF IN Queens Student Crèches in College Gardens and Rugby Road took on the University Management and won their dispute for better pay
Read more here from the Feb. 04 Socialist Voice...
Queen's University creche strike. A victory. See the report and photos here January 2004.
Civil service pay dispute
ON 11 December NIPSA members across the Northern Ireland Civil Service supported the one day strike in their thousands. Belfast, Derry, Portadown, Ballymena, Strabane, Omagh and Enniskillen all witnessed picket lines and saw the whole service effectively closed down.
Read more from the January 2004 Socialist Voice...
Vote Time For Change
NIPSA, NORTHERN Ireland's largest trade union, is about to enter a critical election. The vote for the union's executive, the General Council, comes on the back of a series of industrial disputes that have tested the metal of the leadership at all levels of the union. By Padraig Mulholland.
Read more from the January 2004 Socialist Voice...
Strangford College Socialist Youth members support workers in struggle. An article in the July 2003 issue of Socialist Voice.
Swing to left at NIPSA Conference C Gates elected. By Carol Barnett NIPSA General Council member Socialist Voice June 2003
Social work pay dispute The action continues By Tanya Killen Secretary NIPSA Branch 705 Socialist Voice June 2003
Northern Ireland: Socialist elected president of largest union in Northern Ireland - huge vote for Carmel Gates, June 2nd 2003
Carmel Gates in NIPSA, Social Workers, FBU. Feb. 2003, Socialist Voice
Right wing in NIPSA shaken as 39% vote for Carmel Gates: Nov. 2002, Socialist Voice
NIPSA Term Time Workers: Victory Achieved at Last! by Brian Booth Socialist View, No. 8 Spring 2001
NIPSA Elections 2001: A Victory for the Left by Padraig Mulholland Socialist View No 8, Spring 2001

Northern Ireland, inc Peace Process. etc.
End sectarian violence - From the Sept. 2005 edition of the Socialist
As IRA prepares statement, we say: Disband ALL paramilitaries From the Socialist, August 2005.
By Peter Hadden

Breaking News: Today (28 August) the IRA released their latest statement. It can be read here From the Socialist, August 2005. - further Socialist Party analysis to follow soon.

Disband ALL paramilitaries From the April 05 edition of Socialist Voice

As politicians restart talks
This article is from the Sept. 2004 edition, Socialist Voice - Sectarian divisions deepen
THE MAIN local political parties and the Irish and British governments are once again locked in talks in an attempt to resurrect the Assembly and to re-establish an Executive. Sections of the media are playing up the chances of success, backing up their arguments with selective quotes from Gerry Adams, Peter Robinson and Jeffrey Donaldson.
By Ciaran Mulholland
N Ireland - building a socialist alternative by Ciaran Mulholland Spring 2004 Socialist View
Starting in May 2004, we've begun to add a series of articles from our press on aspects of Northern political developments. These will be updated on a regular basis, check out the Archives Contents list Some of the articles cover Internment, the entry of the troops, Bloody Sunday, the UWC and UUAC stoppages - 1974 and 1977, H Blocks, etc.
North: Peace Process - Working Class Can Break the Deadlock by Ciaran Mulholland May 2003 Socialist Voice
North: Peace Process - Another Sectarian Headcount? by Ciaran Mulholland April 17th 2003 Socialist Voice
Peace Process Under Strain By Ciaran Mulholland Socialist View, No. 8 Spring 2001
Articles on Northern Ireland: reprinted from Socialism Today
Arrival of the troops in August 1969
Trade Union's must fight internment Militant 3rd September 1971
Derry - This was murder Militant 4th Feb. 1972
Review of Bloody Sunday film from 2002 [While not a very old piece, we feel this review fits into this section of our site.]
Militant Irish Monthly September 1972 -
Protestant Workers and the Struggle for Socialism Can the Protestant working class be won to the fight for class unity and socialism?
UWC strike - Trade Union Defence Force only answer to crisis Militant, 24th May 1974
After the UWC End Sectarianism: Trade Unions Must Lead
Militant Irish Monthly, June 1974, No. 25.
UWC stoppage – interview with Derry shop steward
Workers' Unity to End Sectarianism, Militant Irish Monthly June 1974. Statement by Derry Labour and Trade Union party DURING the strike
Militant Irish Monthly, June 1974, No. 25.
The recent developments in Northern Ireland have demonstrated that any 'solution' of British capitalism can have no lasting character. The Sunningdale Agreement was just a so-called solution. Conference of Workers Parties needed Now Peter Hunt in Militant Irish Monthly, July-August 1974, No. 26. The creation of a 78 man 'Convention' - this is the British Government's answer to the political stalemate resulting from the downfall of the Assembly.
Workers oppose sectarian killings – 1976
1977 UUAC stoppage -defeated by the workers
Our position on the H Block protests, 1979
The 1982 General strike to support the NHS
The Anglo-Irish Agreement - A Warning to Labour Peter Hadden, Militant International Review, Spring 1986, No. 31.

NUM- National Union of Mineworkers
Limerick and the Miners strike - Dominic Haugh, Limerick SP, Jan. 2005 I would like to comment on the piece by Brendan Halligan in the Limerick Leader of 29/01/2005 entitled “Has Limerick Sympathy for Sad Scargill?”
In my opinion this is a piece that is one-sided and biased in its view of the events surrounding the miners’ strike in 1984 and its lessons for trade unionists in Limerick. Read the rest of Dominics reply here

The miner's strike 1984-85 by Fiona O'Loughlin Spring 2004 Socialist View
'Outstanding Accounts Of The Miners' Strike'
IF YOU want novels or books that give you a happy ending you wouldn't necessarily choose ones about the miners' strike. After all you know the end before you start these books. 2 Reviews by Ken Smith.
GB84 by David Peace, published by Faber, £12.99
The English Civil War Part II by Jeremy Deller, published by Artangel, £19.95

1984 -85 The Miners' Strike - An epic Struggle
Twenty years ago this month the great miners' strike began. For a year 140,000 members of the National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) were engaged in a titanic battle with Margaret Thatcher's Tory government and the full force of the state. Ultimately, they went down to defeat but it was an honourable defeat. It was a dispute that would have been won were it not for the betrayal of the right wing trade union and labour leadership.
By Ciaran Mulholland, from the March 2004 edition, Socialist Voice.
Miners' strike 1984-85 - "A Civil War Without Guns"
TWENTY YEARS ago, on 5 March 1984, Yorkshire miners walked out on strike against Tory government plans to impose a massive programme of pit closures. They saw it as the first step to a complete rundown of the mining industry. The Socialist 13 March 2004
A timetable of the dispute
Tyrone: 'Sorrys make me sick!' Greg Lewis, Wales on Sunday Mar 28 2004
THE chairman of the last deep mine in Wales has launched a stinging attack on Neil Kinnock and Kim Howells for trying to 'rewrite the history' of the miners' strike. Read more here...
Women In The Strike - "You've Got To Understand You're At War" WOMEN PLAYED a vital role in the strike.

Workers Helped Us But TUC Didn't
STEVE MINNEY, a striking miner in 1984 and a member of Nottinghamshire National Union of Mineworkers brought the NUM's fraternal greetings to this year's Socialist Party conference in Britain. He told the Conference

Arthur Miller - Death of a dissenter
Arthur Miller, the American playwright, died on 9 February, aged 89, having battled with cancer, pneumonia and a heart condition.
Tony Mulhearn, Liverpool

George Best wrote poetry with his feet Added to SP site, Monday 5th Dec. 2005
George Best's final wish was that people should remember him for his football. He wouldn't have been disappointed for it was in recognition of his unique talent that tens of thousands lined the streets on the day of his funeral to say farewell to a legend. Read the rest of this obituary to a sporting legend.
FERGUS WILSON (45) died on 5 November 2004 after a five-year struggle with cancer. Fergus joined the Militant/ Socialist Party in early 1990 . From the Nov. 2004 edition of Socialist, the new paper of the SP
Yasser Arafat (1929-2004) Palestinians mourn Arafat but struggle for liberation will continue. Rotem and Gal, Maavak Sotzialisti, Israel
Many Palestinians will view the death of Yasser Arafat with a mixture of sadness and a wish that the Palestinian Authority he led, had done much more to end the poverty and oppression that blights their lives. Read the rest of this obituary article by comrades in the Middle East.
I WILL never forget Nimrod Sejake who has died at the age of 83. July 2004 edition, Socialist Voice
Nimrod Sejake - an Irish cde remembers him 18th June 2004
The comrades may have already received this news, however, I’ve just received a message that Comrade Nimrod Sejake passed away about a week ago.

Some of the comrades will remember that cde Nimrod was a worker leader in South Africa in the 1950s. He was a leading member of the South African Congress of Trade Unions (he was the secretary of the Iron Steel Workers) and of the ANC in Soweto in the 1950s. Read the rest of this initial obituary note.

June 2004 - Ronald Reagan, hero of the right Ronald Reagan, the B-movie actor who became the 40th president of the USA (1981-88) has died aged 93. Wall Street will stay closed for Reagan‘s state funeral, a salute to the godfather of today‘s stock market bubble. Read more here.......

Obituary: Stephen Murray - a long time member and supporter of the Socialist Party, died in Autumn 2003 after a short illness. He will be sorely missed by all Party members who knew him. Read more here from the Feb. 04 Socialist Voice...
Stephen Jay Gould, who died of cancer, was an outstanding contributor to evolutionary theory. But more than this, he had the rare ability to popularise a wide range of scientific thought. PETE MASON wrote in Socialism Today Issue 67, July - Aug 2002. Read more here...

Oil Dynasties: House of Bush, House of Saud - Published by Scribner (New York) 2004, $15.60 - Reviewed by Geoff Jones, US-CWI
"Why did the Bush administration approve the secret airlift out of America of 140 Saudis, including two dozen relatives of Osama bin Laden, just after September 11?" This question is posed on the cover of Craig Unger's book, House of Bush, House of Saud. Although a bestseller in the U.S., this is no Michael Moore-style easy read, but a serious analytical work. Read more here..

Taliban, Islam and Oil
The detention of 24 aid workers accused of promoting Christianity has stretched relations between Afghanistan's Taliban rulers and governments around the world to breaking point. This is the latest episode in the international power struggle around this strategically vital area of the world. PER ÅKE WESTERLUND looks at a recent book by Ahmed Rashid that details the background to the Taliban 's rise to power and the situation in Afghanistan today. Read more..

FURTHER PROOF that the need to secure cheap oil by any means necessary is the key determining factor in driving US imperialism has just come to light.
Plans for 1973 Middle East US invasion? Read more from the January 2004 Socialist Voice...
Special Feature: No Blood For Oil! By Mick Barry & Stephen Boyd Socialist Voice, Feb. 03
No War For Oil - US and British Troops out of the Gulf by Peter Hadden Socialist View, Feb. 03
Feature: No War For Oil! Special Feature: No War For Oil! By Stephen Boyd Socialist Voice, Jan. 2003

Organ retention See also NHS (above) and Health
Organ retention scandal in the Socialist Sept. 2006

Ormeau Road bookies murder
Workers Unity in Action! - Workers can end the killings - A compilation of reports and articles dealing with the mass protests organised in Mid-Ulster (on January 21st) and in Belfast on Feb. 4th and 7th against the upsurge in sectarian killings. There are 9 articles from the Feb. 1992 paper here

George Orwell - Centenary

George Orwell: Facing Up To The Contradictions
THIS MONTH'S centenary of the birth of novelist and political commentator George Orwell (1903-50) has been widely commemorated in the press and media. Michael Calderbank, in The Socialist (the paper of our cdes in England/Wales) 28th June 2003, puts a socialist viewpoint of Orwell's life.
Keith Ellis reviews the book which many socialists see as his best work, Homage to Catalonia.

An attack on Socialism? - George Orwell's Animal Farm, reviewed by Michael Barry in Militant, April 1987
George Orwell's Animal Farm is on the English literature reading list for the Leaving Cert again this year. Many students studying for the course find it to be one of the new books that they actually enjoy reading in preparation for the exam. Animal Farm, a satire on the 1917 Russian Revolution and its degeneration in the 25 years that followed, is a brilliantly written and very relevant novel - little wonder that it is one of the most widely read books in the English language. Read more here...

Ossetia Sept. 8th 2004
Following the horrors of the seige at the school in Ossetia, in Russia, the CWI issued a number of statements.

Russia - The horror of Beslan and Chechnya
The horrific massacre of children, parents and teachers at High School No1 in Beslan, North Ossetia, reached a new level of barbarity. Lynn Walsh writing in The Socialist, 8th Sept. 2004

Socialists condemn terrorism and Russian military repression
THE HOSTAGE takers who seized 1,200 children, parents and teachers in Beslan reached a new level of barbarism.Editorial from The Socialist, 8th Sept. 2004

CWI Statement: 6 September 2004 - Russia - Bloodbath in Beslan
The bloody end to the school hostage crisis in Beslan, North Ossetia, angered, sickened and shocked people around the world. Read more here...

Putin fails to bring 'peace and security' to Chechens or Russians
Niall Mulholland, CWI - Thursday 2nd, 4pm