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Abortion referendum Vote no! Orla Drohan Socialist Voice, Feb 2002
Abortion Referendum: Government defeated again By Kevin McLoughlin Socialist Voice, March 2002
Abortion rights under attack in Ireland and Portugal Socialism Today No. 63, March 2002

See Sex Scandals, Ferns Report, etc.
Afghan asylum seekers in the Socialist, June 2006
Afghanistan - Taliban, warlords and instability
US-sponsored elections regarded “a joke”

Khalid Bhatti, Socialist Movement (cwi in Pakistan), Lahore, October 6th 2004

The Bush Adminstration’s dreams of stability, peace and democracy in Afghanistan have been shattered. The increased Taliban attacks and insurgency by other groups have killed more US and ‘coalition’ soldiers than during the formal war to overthrow the Taliban, in 2002. After three years of US occupation, the Afghan masses are still suffering from poverty, and unemployment. 1.2 million Afghans face starvation and famine. The vast majority of people have no access to health facilities, drinking water, education, roads, transport, electricity and other basic services and utilities.
Read the rest of this report here.

Taliban Islam and Oil
The detention of 24 aid workers accused of promoting Christianity has stretched relations between Afghanistan's Taliban rulers and governments around the world to breaking point. This is the latest episode in the international power struggle around this strategically vital area of the world. PER ĹKE WESTERLUND looks at a recent book by Ahmed Rashid that details the background to the Taliban 's rise to power and the situation in Afghanistan today. Read more..
Afghanistan war developments Socialist Voice, Nov. 2001
Slipping into a quagmire Socialist Voice, Nov. 2001
Afghan War: Growing Opposition Internationally Socialist Voice, Nov. 2001
Afghanistan, Islam and the Revolutionary Left
War and ‘reconstruction’: The lessons of the Balkans, Timor and Afghanistan 16th April 2003

Airport disputes - Belfast and Dublin
Air Lingus Vultures circle Lingus , carried in The Socialist, No. 20, October 2006
Aer Lingus: Sold off and sold out in the Socialist Sept. 2006
Fight Aer Lingus sell-off in the Socialist, July-August 2006
Hands off Aer Lingus in the Socialist, May 2006
Hunger strike wins concessions From the May 05 edition of Socialist Voice - 3 men demand that their union, the T&GWU launch an inquiry into its handling of their dispute.
By Peter Hadden

Dublin Airport - FF/PDs step up aviation privatisation plan From the May 05 edition of Socialist Voice
by Councillor Clare Daly
Belfast strikers win court victory. This article was in the Feb. 2005 edition of the Socialist.
Sacked airport workers' tribunal:- Employers & union officials in the dock
by Peter Hadden
AFTER A long delay, the sacked airport security workers finally were able to have their case against their employer, ICTS, heard at an Industrial Tribunal at the end of last year.

Article from the Jan. 2005 edition, the Socialist Dublin Airport: SIPTU support privatisation! by Michael O'Brien

Article from the Jan. 2005 edition, the Socialist Aer Lingus - stalemate continues
Aer Lingus: Sold off and sold out in the Socialist Sept. 2006
Fight Aer Lingus sell-off in the Socialist, July-August 2006
Hands off Aer Lingus in the Socialist, May 2006
WITH THE passing of the deadline for applications for voluntary redundancy in mid October, the situation in Aer Lingus has entered a new phase. The company sought 1325 redundancies, based on a plan for eliminating a number of departments and outsourcing functions in others.
by Councillor Clare Daly From the Nov. 2004 edition of Socialist, the new paper of the SP.

Socialist Party MP “sticks the boot in” against airline privatization

The following two items deal with the Fianna Fail-led coalition government’s plans to privatise Aer Lingus, the state airline in Ireland. Following plans for its privatisation, the Aer Lingus management (who are publicly appointed officials running a state-owned company) announced that they wanted to compete for a management buy-out and had implemented new working practices in advance of selling the company off.
The idea that public appointees should make a huge financial killing – on the backs of further attacks on workers’ conditions which would undoubtedly flow from privatisation – sickened the majority of people in Ireland. However, by the beginning of last week, the Fianna Fail leadership had realised the danger of allowing a management buy-out because of the anger that exists on this issue. This comes on top of falling support for the government and its very bad showing in the local elections, in June, this year.
The Irish Prime Minister, Bertie Ahern, was questioned in the Dáil (Irish Parliament) on Tuesday 5 October by Fine Gail and Labour (the two main opposition parties). They were, however, quite weak in their criticism of the Prime Minister and the government. During this debate, Ahern still argued that the management buy-out was an option.
On Wednesday morning, during question time for the Prime Minister, Joe Higgins, the Socialist Party TD (MP) gave voice to the anger of hundreds of thousands of Irish workers and young people on this issue. During the heated clash with Joe Higgins, Ahern was finally forced to admit that the government was no longer considering the buy-out option.
In the aftermath of the Dáil debate, the government has made it clear that they are shelving privatisation plans for Aer Lingus in the life of this government. There are also rumours that they are planning to do the same for privatisation of public transport.

Here is an article from the ‘Irish Independent’ newspaper explaining Joe’s role, and also a transcript of the Dáil debate between Joe Higgins and the Prime Minister.

Stop the pillage of Aer Lingus
This article is from the Sept. 2004 edition, Socialist Voice AER LINGUS Chief Executive Willie Walsh announces a three-year plan involving the axing of 1,325 jobs from the national airline just weeks after he and his management team stated their wish to buy the company. He should have been immediately removed from his position because of a clear conflict of interest - the fact that he wasn't means he was acting with the knowledge and support of the government. By Councillor Clare Daly and Susan Henry.

Aer Lingus - NO JOB CUTS!
This article is from the Sept. 2004 edition, Socialist Voice AER LINGUS is being prepared for the auctioneer's hammer. Management and the government are conspiring to sack workers, outsource its core areas and ditch its international alliances to turn it into a low fares airline for privatisation. By Stephen Boyd
The recent elections saw workers draw blood and severely wounding the hated Fianna Fail/PD government. Instead of moving in for the kill, a golden opportunity to finish off the government's break-up plans for Aer Rianta was wasted by the trade union leadership.
By Councillor Clare Daly July 2004 edition, Socialist Voice

Airport inquiry starts
The T&GWU have agreed to set up an Inquiry into the union's handling of the dispute at Belfast International Airport which led to the sacking of 23 workers, including the three shop stewards. Read more here from the April ‘04 Socialist Voice..
Belfast International Airport workers - We want the truth to come out. ALMOST TWO years after they were sacked, the unfair dismissal cases of the 23 sacked airport workers are due in court in the next few weeks. Read more here from the Feb. 04 Socialist Voice...
Airport workers under attack - The Fianna Fail privatisation juggernaut is rolling through the semi-states in general, and the transport sector in particular. Read more here from the Feb. 04 Socialist Voice...
Sacked airport workers take battle to court
THE 23 sacked airport security workers who are demanding compensation for their dismissal are to go to court later this month. A preliminary hearing is due to start on 26 January and is likely to last a week.Socialist Voice Jan. 2004
Airport shop stewards end hunger strike
Gordan McNeill and Madan Gupta agreed to end their hunger strike following a meeting with T&GWU Regional Secretary, Brendan Hodgers, at which their call for an enquiry to investigate all that happened during their dispute, including the events that led up to their sacking, was conceded. Aer Rianta - Workers Prepare to Take on Government
by Cllr. Clare Daly (Aer Lingus Shop Steward) - Socialist Voice Sept. 2003
Belfast Airport Workers Sold Out Again!
Peter Hadden reports in Socialist Voice Sept. 2003
Sacked airport workers resume pickets Socialist Voice, July 2003
Airport workers Socialist Voice, June 2003
North: Airport Struggle Continues - Shop Stewards Join the Socialist Party

Muhammad Ali
The growing anti-war movement has sparked a new interest in the struggles of the 1960s, including the mass civil rights movement of that era. One individual who bridged the 1960s anti-war and black liberation movements was the world champion boxer, Muhammad Ali. Following the Hollywood biopic of this key period in Ali’s life, HUGO PIERRE looks back at Ali & the black struggles of the 1960s.

Anglo-Irish Agreement [1980's]
The Anglo-Irish Agreement - A Warning to Labour Peter Hadden, Militant International Review, Spring 1986, No. 31.

Geldof and Bono herald Bush and Blair From the Socialist, August 2005. From the Socialist, August 2005.

as G8 deal condemns millions to die of poverty and disease. By Gary Mulcahy & Cillian Gillespie

Make capitalist history- Protest at the G8 summit From the May 05 edition of Socialist Voice
By Daniel Waldron, Socialist Youth organiser

Make socialism our future From the May 05 edition of Socialist Voice - by Cillian Gillespie

Make poverty HISTORY From the May 05 edition of Socialist Voice - by Paul Murphy

World Economic Forum: Defend our public services Susan Fitzgerald Socialist Voice, July 2003
Evian anti-G8 demonstration By Michael O'Brien, in Socialist Voice, June 2003
G8 Summit in Evian - Protest Against Warmongers By Garrett Mullen May 2003 Socialist Voice
Anti-War Movement: The Struggle Continues by Katia Hanke April 17th 2003 Socialist Voice
Anti-capitalism Lessons of Gothenburg – Katia Hancke Socialist View, Summer 2001
Irish News, 27th July 2001 ‘Protesters did not provoke police’ Local press coverage of the Belfast delegation to Genoa.
What happened at Genoa? What happened at Genoa? Socialist Voice, August 2001
Where Now for the Anti-Globalisation Movement? – by Robert Connolly Socialist View, No. 8 Spring 2001
Anti-War Movement
Build a Mass Democratic Anti-War Movement Socialist Voice, Feb. 2003
US Anti-War Movement Grows by Tom Crean, New York, member of Socialist Alternative (CWI's affiliate in the US) Feb. 2003
A Global Anti-War Movement by Michael O'Brien, Socialist Party representative on the Irish Anti-War Movement steering committee Socialist View, Feb. 2003
Apprentices strike against fees
Nearly 1,000 apprentices walked out of classes and lectures across the South on 25 February in opposition to the imposition of "service" fees for apprentices completing Phase 4 and 6 of their apprenticeships.
By Matt Waine. Read this article from Socialist Voice, March 2004.

Holy Cross conflict: working class must unite against sectarianism 8th Sept. 2001

Argentina: People in revolt Michael O'Brien Socialist Voice, Mar. 2002

Arms Trade
Weapons conference Shut it down! Article in the October 2004 edition, Socialist Voice
A MAJOR international arms trade fair, the so-called 'Less Lethal Weapons Conference', is coming to Dublin (Berkeley Court Hotel, Ballsbridge 19 and 20 October)

ASBOs - Anti-Social Behavior Orders
Anti-Social Behavior Orders From the May 05 edition of Socialist Voice - Youth repression is not the answer
by Stephen Rigney

Assembly and Assembly Elections
Assembly 'deal' coming? , carried in The Socialist, No. 20, October 2006
Ł50k on Assembly flowers in the Socialist, June 2006
NI Assembly returns in the Socialist, May 2006
No to sectarian parties in the Socialist, April 2006
N. Ireland Assembly Is it gone for good? By Ciaran Mulholland
AS 2005 opens, the Peace Process is once again in deep crisis. Article from the Jan. 2005 edition, the Socialist

Assembly salaries not up for review: THE REVIEW of the Agreement is underway.Read more here from the Feb. 04 Socialist Voice...
Assembly Election: DESPITE MONTHS of negotiations, no agreement has been reached on how an Executive will be put in place after the election. Read more from the November ’03 issue, Socialist Voice…. - By Ciaran Mulholland
Can the sectarian stalemate be broken?
ON 5 JANUARY Jeffrey Donaldson, Norah Beare and Arlene Foster announced that they were joining the DUP. Their move underlined the results of the recent elections. Socialist Voice, January 2004 - Read more...
Northern Ireland: Can sectarian politics be challenged?
SWP proposals for socialist slate in Assembly elections, with SP reply
Splits in the UUP - effect on Northern politics. An article in the July 2003 issue of Socialist Voice.
Assembly elections: slate needed to defend public services By Ciaran Mulholland, Socialist Voice June 2003
This is a verbatim record of the 'debate' in the Northern Ireland Assembly on the resolution calling for the setting of the Minimum Wage at Ł5 an hour.
Assembly pay figures – scandalous By Carol Barnett Socialist Voice, March 2002
Assembly Collapse: A Failure of Sectarian Politics by Peter Hadden Socialist Voice, Oct. 2002
What lies behind Assembly's collapse? 11th Oct. 2002
Workers must reclaim the peace process Socialist Voice, Nov. 2002
North: Assembly Elections - Time For a Working Class Voice By Ciaran Mulholland Socialist Voice, Feb. 03

Australia: 300,000 march in the Socialist, July-August 2006
Australia - 100,000 say no to Howard's Anti-Union laws From the Socialist, August 2005. - By Matt Waine

Joe Higgins Column
This article is from the Sept. 2004 edition, Socialist Voice
He attended the Australian SP conference in mid August
Chinese politics: Stephen Jolly, a cde based in Australia, wrote this pamphlet after speaking to the mass demonstration in Tainamen Square, China, in 1989. Read this exciting report here...

ASIO TERRORIST BILL ARTICLE - NOW YOU SEE ME, NOW YOU DON’T… Taken from the Australian SP site, August 2003.
Refugees, racism and capitalism in Australia
By Stephen Jolly
Published by the Socialist Party in Australia, 2002
This pamphlet is dedicated to the hundreds of people locked up in Australia's privately-run detention centres.

Reports from Australia: 10th April 2002. For your information, find below articles on the Easter protests at the Woomera refugee camps, from the special issue of the Australian Socialist Party's paper, the Voice. Visit their revamped site, July 2003.
Bali Terror attacks – statement by the Australian SP, Oct. 2002
Bali bombings: no to war and terrorism, fight for international socialism CWI analysis, 14 October, 2002

War and ‘reconstruction’: The lessons of the Balkans, Timor and Afghanistan 16th April 2003

Michael McIlveen murder in the Socialist, June 2006
Belgium - Successful general strike against anti-worker attacks By Laura Fitzgerald From the Nov-Dec 05 issue of the Socialist.

Bin Charges - see campaigns
Limerick Bin Charges - Council to scrap waiver scheme From the Socialist, August 2005.

Bin tax court victory From the May 05 edition of Socialist Voice

Latest on the Bin charges campaigns. This article was in the Feb. 2005 edition of the Socialist.
Anti-bin charges campaign - Pay by use - a fraud and rip off
Article from the Jan. 2005 edition, the Socialist

Bins protests continue
20% rise in Fingal bin tax vindicates campaign
and Dublin bin charges:- Prepare for non-collection
by By Councillor Ruth Coppinger and D Nessans in the Nov. 2004 edition of Socialist, the new paper of the SP.

Bloody Sunday - Derry 1972
Widgery Report: Derry Murders Condoned Militant, May 1972 The publication of the Widgery Report has given the people of Northern Ireland yet another taste of 'impartial' British justice.

Bloody Sunday - 30 Years After The Massacre - JOHN DOLAN reviews the recent TV dramatisation.
FILMED IN documentary style, Bloody Sunday, ITV's excellent drama of the events of 30 January 1972 in Derry was a powerful and moving portrayal of that tragic day. Review from The Socialist 25 Jan 2002, produced by the SP in England/Wales.
Derry: This was MURDER - Withdraw troops - Replace with Armed Trade Union force. Militant 4th February 1972
The murder of 13 unarmed demonstrators in Derry on Sunday, 30th January 1972, will go down in history as the North of Ireland's BLOODY SUNDAY. It is to be compared to the Croke Park massacre of 1920 when 'Black and Tans' shot down 12 civilians. The modern 'Black and Tans' are the thug detachments of British Paratroopers who, despite the lying accounts which first appeared in the British Press, in an orgy of terror indiscriminately shot defenceless men and boys, some of them in the back.

Bolivia after the uprising - Unofficial truce will not last From the Socialist, August 2005. - By Michael Murphy

Social revolt in Brazil. This article was in the Feb. 2005 edition of the Socialist.

Blair limps home to stormy third term From the May 05 edition of Socialist Voice

Blair’s Clinging on to power: IN LATE January, Tony Blair managed to survive a stormy week that some had predicted would destroy him. Read more here from the Feb. 04 Socialist Voice...
Britain: Time for the Unions to Break the Labour Party Link
by Ciaran Mulholland, Sept. 2003 Socialist Voice.
Britain: New Labour in Power… Did Things Get Any Better? by Ciaran Mulholland Socialist View, No 8 Spring 2001

British National Party See also Fascism and Racism
BNP - not a 'radical alternative' to New Labour
NEW LABOUR has betrayed the hopes of millions of working-class people. This has dramatically hit their support, particularly in areas like Stoke-on-Trent where they previously had such strong backing. The Socialist 7 - 13 April 2005

Stop the BNP - by any means necessary
The Law Society in University College Cork has invited Tony Wentworth, the youth organiser of the British National Party, to speak in UCC at the end of January. By David Convery. Read more...
British National Party Socialist Voice, June 2002
What prospects now for the BNP? - NAOMI BYRON writes. Socialism Today, No. 66, June 2002

Building Workers
Building workers – lives before profits Socialist Voice, Feb. 2003