The Contents List for the October 2004 edition
of Socialist Voice, the Socialist Party paper.

US ELECTION: Bush v Kerry - a battle between warmongers
AS THE battle for the American Presidency approaches, it seems likely that we will again see a very close race to the finish between the two main candidates. As "Anybody But Bush" syndrome runs rife through whole sections of American society, many are rubbing their hands at the thought of removing the current corporate warmonger from office. But does Kerry provide a genuine alternative to the policies of the last four years? By Daniel Waldron
John Kerry - "Bush-Lite"
WITH SUCH a popular mood of hatred for George Bush and his administration, you might expect that his Democratic opponent, John Kerry, would have no problem in trouncing him in the upcoming elections. However, his conservative, militaristic image is barely distinguishable from that of Bush, so voters haven't got much to whip up their enthusiasm. By Daniel Waldron
Strike shuts down world's biggest port
A 24 hour strike shut down Rotterdam, the world's biggest port, in late September
No to racism and Homophobia
OVER THE last couple of years there has been an increase in racist and homophobic attacks in Northern Ireland. Many of these can be linked to far-right groups such as the W.N.P. Such attacks do not express the view of the majority of people in Northern Ireland, but merely the simplistic views of bigots. By Aideen McMullen
Special conference needed to discuss: Lessons of the civil service dispute
THE CIVIL Service Pay dispute has ended on a low note. With a failure to win any pay increase for 2003 and the acceptance of a derisory 16 month pay offer for 2004, NIPSA members are now calculating the costs of what losing the dispute has meant for them and asking questions about who is to blame.
By Carol Barnett NIPSA General Council member (personal capacity)
NO CUTS IN EDUCATION - For a one day public sector strike:
TWO EDUCATION Boards face the prospect of major cuts which, if implemented, would particularly affect services for special needs pupils.
Protests against Phone masts and car parking fees
NO privatisation Redundancies - DEFEND OUR PUBLIC SERVICES
BERTIE HAS lined out his new Cabinet. Apparently we now have a new caring government that will solve all of societies ills just in time to get re-elected at the next general election. By Stephen Boyd
This is crap! This government is still committed to a right wing anti-working class agenda. And to the forefront of this agenda is the privatisation and sell off of our public services.
Interview with Nigerian family on the citizenship referendum
THE GOVERNMENT has viewed the results of last June's citizenship referendum as a green light to step up the deportation of asylum seekers. However it is clear from cases over the summer that opposition to deportations can be built amongst Irish people and asylum seekers alike. Michael O'Brien interviewed Okoro Daniel, originally from Nigeria but now living in Swords with his wife and two children for Socialist Voice
Water Charges - 85% say we won't pay
EIGHTY-FIVE percent of people say they won't pay water charges when they are introduced in April 2006.
Massive support for non-payment
WATER CHARGES are to be phased in over a three-year period from April 2006
Mass protests against Schroder's cuts
IN THE last two months Germany has been rocked by weekly Montags-demonstrationen (Monday demonstrations) Chris Loughlin
Building in the colleges
SOCIALIST YOUTH has made a big impact at the Freshers' Day stalls at all the main colleges across Northern Ireland. By David Semple Socialist Society Queens University.
Why I joined
Terry Hughes is a student at Coleraine University of Ulster, and is now organising the Socialist Society in Coleraine
OECD backs college fees!
THE OECD has recommended that the government re-introduce fees for students.
All out on 5 Nov against job cuts
CIVIL SERVANTS in Britain are preparing for a one day strike on 5 November against Gordon Brown's plans to cut 100,000 jobs in the service.
An Post: Campaign for state funding
By Terry Kelleher
Ministers back down on NJC pay
THE NATIONAL Joint Council (NJC) pay award for Local Government and related services was settled in July, with a three year pay deal of 8.65%. By Brian Booth
Interview: Life of a low paid worker
Socialist Voice spoke to Jay (not his real name), a young worker in Cork, about his experiences of being "traded" from employer to employer by recruitment agencies.
Pay us a living wage!
SOCIALIST YOUTH's End Low Pay Campaign has begun taking on low pay bosses across Ireland. Those paying slave wages are shamed weekly at stalls in Cork, Limerick and Dublin. By Paul Murphy
Omagh Picket forces SuperValu to increase wages
SOCIALIST YOUTH have continued to put pressure on the SuperValu outlet owned by O'Kane stores in Omagh to raise their wages from the poverty rates they have been paying young people.
By Patrick Meehan Omagh Socialist Youth
Joe Higgins Column - abolish the Irish Presidency!
EVENTS AROUND the appointment of a President for the next seven years have degenerated into farce.
Do we want New Labour to organise in Northern Ireland?
A FRINGE meeting at the Labour Party Conference heard a call for the party to set up constituency organisations in Northern Ireland. The call was made by a local official of the GMB, Andy McGivern, who said that the party was receiving money from 13,500 trade union members in Northern Ireland, but was offering them no services in return. By Peter Hadden
Weapons conference Shut it down!
A MAJOR international arms trade fair, the so-called 'Less Lethal Weapons Conference', is coming to Dublin (Berkeley Court Hotel, Ballsbridge 19 and 20 October)

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