Contents Page for the Socialist Voice, July 2004

The only real difference between the two editions is that we give local news on the front and back pages, the other 10 are shared in common.

The recent elections saw workers draw blood and severely wounding the hated Fianna Fail/PD government. Instead of moving in for the kill, a golden opportunity to finish off the government's break-up plans for Aer Rianta was wasted by the trade union leadership.
By Councillor Clare Daly

Another rotten partnership deal
Negotiations for the second half of the current three-year social partnership deal have concluded with another pro-business and pro-government agreement.
Joe Higgins Column
In the Euro Election Campaign the Fianna Fail party, with 29.5% of the first preference votes, recorded its lowest result in any national election since the 1930s.
Referendum - Government divide and rule agenda
THERE WERE two goals behind the government's citizenship referendum.
Gains for New Sinn Fein
SINN FEIN made important and significant gains in the local and European elections.
Is Bertie's time up?
WORKING CLASS people on their own initiative used this election to smack the arrogance out of this government.
House of Saud rocked by attacks
SAUDI ARABIA has been rocked by assassinations, terrorist attacks and gun battles in the streets as Al Qaeda attempts to overthrow the House of Saud, the Saudi Royal family.
IRAQ: a colonial war of subjugation
THE RESULTS of an opinion poll carried out by the US led Iraqi Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA) are a blow to George Bush and Tony Blair's "liberation theology".
'Save our Brandywell'
FOLLOWING THE end of the 2003 season Derry City FC were forced to close one side of Brandywell stadium, the Lone Moor Road side of the ground, known as the jungle. As a result the capacity of the Brandywell has been reduced from 8000 to 2400.
Government lies and deceit answered
WATER CHARGES are set to be introduced in April 2006
SOCIALIST YOUTH take on low pay bosses
Join Socialist Youth - Join the struggle for socialism
Socialist Party Election Victories
THE SOCIALIST Party doubled it's representation on local authorities winning four council seats on 11 June in Fingal, South County Dublin and Cork City councils.
N Ireland Euro poll leaves just two main parties and...No voice for workers
Firefighters break link with Labour
THE FIRE Brigades Union have broken the link with New Labour.
I WILL never forget Nimrod Sejake who has died at the age of 83.
Support Dessian Strikers WORKERS AT the Dessian Products factory in Apollo Road have been on strike since 19 May.
Firefighters may strike in August
FIREFIGHTERS HAVE decided to ballot for industrial action
Bus workers prepare to fight privatisation plans
As we go to press a strike ballot of National Bus and Rail Union is underway. There are high hopes among rank and file members that a serious approach will be taken by the leadership in demonstrating opposition to the creeping competition and eventual break up of CIE.
Civil Service Pay Prepare for all out action
THE MONTH of June will close with over 500 NIPSA members on selective strike action.
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