the Socialist, March 2005, contents page

Elderly robbed of 2 billion
NO CUTS - NO MORE TAX ON WORKERS Make the bosses pay by Stephen Boyd

Scrap the bin tax! NO! to double taxes
by Kevin McLoughlin

THE BIN charges are burning a hole in the wage packets of working class people.
Socialist Party stands in May elections GAMA bonded labour scandal
JOE HIGGINS TD's exposure of the exploitation of Turkish workers employed by GAMA
Life for migrant workers in Northern Ireland
Hansfield SDZ: Dublin 15
More public transport and schools needed
Iraq 2003 - 2005: Imperialist plunder & colonial oppression
March 19th anti war demos internationally
Joe Higgins Column - Robert McCartney murder
McCartney family say:"Damage limitation won't do!"
Stop attacks on left-activists in Israel Sri Lankan comrade visits Ireland.
Where now for the peace process?
New Labour's assault on civil liberties
Baldoyle Community action removes phone mast by Brian Greene
The people the Celtic Tiger forgot
Who wants to be a millionaire?
Industrial reports FBU, Classroom assistants, etc.
"UVF are protecting my son's killers"
Water charges campaign - Building non-payment
Report from Germany
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