Article from the Nov 2004 edition, the Socialist


FERGUS WILSON (45) died on 5 November 2004 after a five-year struggle with cancer. Fergus joined the Militant/ Socialist Party in early 1990.

Brian, a former workmate of Fergus's from PMPA, relayed the following story at his funeral. He and Fergus were juniors in PMPA and the company had a huge case going on in the Four Courts. Management needed to get a vital file to the courts within half an hour or else they might lose 250,000. Fergus was sent with the file and had to run all the way to the courts. There was relief all round. However 30 minutes later they were shocked to see Fergus had returned with the file still under his arm. He walked straight up to the manager's office and put the file on his desk, and informed him that there was strike on at the courts and there was no way he was going to cross a picket line!

Fergus believed in the talents and capability of ordinary people to change things and turn the world into a decent place to live. Fergus had hatred in his heart. He hated and detested the bosses, the so-called captains of industry and the role they played in exploiting people. He hated their lackeys in management. He hated in particular their lackeys in the political establishment. He hated their hypocrisy and the cheek they had to call themselves public representatives.

There was no give or compromise in Fergus for these people. His comrades in the Socialist Party would have seen that, but I'm sure those who worked with Fergus in PMPA and An Post in particular would testify that Fergus would again and again try to check and block every effort by management to diminish the workers. Fergus was an industrial militant, a hard nut, something that there is too few of these days.

Fergus was extremely proud to be a member of the working class. We are fighting for socialism. It's a hard struggle and in a hard battle. If there was one person you would pick to stand beside you, it would be Fergus because you knew that he would be a rock.

On behalf of all the comrades in the Socialist Party, I want to register our enormous appreciation for the huge sacrifices Fergus made to help build our movement.

Kevin McLoughlin

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