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Join the struggle for SOCIALISM

ON HIS re-election, Bush declared that: "I've earned new political capital this election and I'm going to spend it." What this means for workers and young people around the world is already clear.

by Paul Murphy

"Spending his capital" means attacking workers' rights, young people's rights, environmental and human rights around the world - all in the pursuit of profit and the domination of US imperialism.

As he is demonstrating in Fallujah, Bush intends to spend his second term the same way he spent his first. He will spend $2.7 trillion in the next six years on the military. That is enough to give $3,000 to every family in the world! He is also gearing up to attack women's right to abortion and gay rights. He will encourage his big business friends to continue pumping out pollution, because it will generate more profit for them.

In terms of workers' rights, he would like to part-privatise the social security system and continue to rundown the health and education systems. Alongside continuing his occupation of Iraq, he would like to attack Iran, Syria and North Korea. The only thing stopping him is the fact that militarily, politically and economically the US is already overstretched.

Ahern welcomed Bush's re-election. That's because he stands for the same things as Bush and Blair. Our government pursues the same neo-liberal policies. At home, it has ridden roughshod over workers' rights, trying to privatise public services, while giving massive tax breaks to big business. Bertie Ahern has slavishly followed the policies of Bush and Blair, by allowing US warplanes to refuel in Shannon, supporting a war for oil and profit.

Just because Bush has been re-elected doesn't mean that we should lie down and play dead. Bush can be beaten. If young people and workers around the world get organised, we can be a greater force than Bush and his big business friends.

Not only do we have to get organised, we have to get organised around the right political ideas. Socialism means taking the wealth and power out of the hands of those that are willing to go to war for the profit of big business, and instead democratically planning the economy for people's needs. On that basis, of eliminating the domination of profit in world affairs, the interests that Bush represents and the motives for his wars would be sidelined.

Bush's re-election should serve as a warning shot to all young people. If we are to stop everything that Bush stands for, we have to get organised now. In Ireland that means being active in the anti-war movement, opposing our government's right wing policies, and most fundamentally, joining in the struggle for a socialist world.

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