Contents of the
November 2004 edition, the first,
of the Socialist the re-vamped paper of the Socialist Party

The only real difference between the two editions is that we give local news on the front and back pages, the other 10 are shared in common.

Bush's election "triumph" - Has America moved to the right?

STUNNED DISBELIEF and astonishment probably best described the feelings of tens of millions of Americans and hundreds of millions of people across the world when George W Bush was re-elected. However Bush's second term in office will be dogged by the crisis in the US economy and the ocupation of Iraq says Matt Waine

Nigeria: All out general strike
THE NIGERIAN masses are once again preparing to demonstrate their massive anger against their government and the giant oil company Shell with an indefinite general strike planned for 16 November.

by Ashling Golden

Fallujah burns
DONALD RUMSFELD said that he didn't foresee large numbers of civilian casualties during "Operation Phantom Fury", US Imperialism's bloody assault on Fallujah. Yet, what little news that is emerging from the besieged city, contradicts this obscene lie.

by Stephen Boyd

Socialism Today
OVER 180 attended the Socialist Party's weekend of debates entitled Socialism Today in Dublin on 29 - 30 October.
Aer Lingus - stalemate continues
WITH THE passing of the deadline for applications for voluntary redundancy in mid October, the situation in Aer Lingus has entered a new phase. The company sought 1325 redundancies, based on a plan for eliminating a number of departments and outsourcing functions in others.
by Councillor Clare Daly
Schools Funding crisis - NO cuts in services
EDUCATION IN Northern Ireland is in crisis. The supposed "overspend" of the Belfast and the South Eastern Education and Library Boards has been headline news. Now there are signs that the problem is spreading to the other three Boards.
By Padraig Mulholland

Bins protests continue
20% rise in Fingal bin tax vindicates campaign
Dublin bin charges:- Prepare for non-collection
by By Councillor Ruth Coppinger and D Nessans
Health Service in crisis - HARNEY HAS NO ANSWERS
JOE DUFFY, presenter of RTE Radio One's Liveline dedicated a programme to trying to find beds in Dublin for 157 patients who were on hospital trolleys. This ridiculous scenario sums up this government and its neglect of our health service.

Joe Higgins Column
THE LEADERS of the European Union recently signed off on the proposed new EU Constitution. This Constitution has to be put to the Irish people in a referendum for their approval or rejection.
Mobilise against racist attacks - North and South
BETWEEN APRIL and September this year, racist attacks have doubled in North Belfast. Over this 183 day period there were 129 "hate crimes" recorded throughout the city.
FERGUS WILSON (45) died on 5 November 2004 after a five-year struggle with cancer. Fergus joined the Militant/ Socialist Party in early 1990.
THERE IS massive opposition to water charges right across Northern Ireland.

Building for mass non-payment
THE 'WE Won't Pay' water charges message is now being taken into the communities. Campaign meetings have or are being held in many areas - Finaghy, Cregagh Road, Cregagh estate, Riverdale, Belvoir, Dromore, Omagh - to name but some.

On 2 November three carpenters occupied a 200ft tower crane in Dublin for 30 hours in an attempt to save their jobs. Two of the protesters DAN O'CONNELL and DAN O'CONNELL SENIOR spoke to The Socialist

"A garda ordered us off the roof and we refused"

get up stand up..
Reports from Socialist Youth, students, anti war, etc.
In the run-up to Christmas, Socialist Youth is launching its annual "Scrooge of the Year" campaign.
Unionise these SWEATSHOPS
by a County Armagh call centre worker & Socialist Youth member

LIKE MANY people in the country I work in a call centre, which is now the largest type of employment in the country and also the third most stressful.
Join the struggle for SOCIALISM
ON HIS re-election, Bush declared that: "I've earned new political capital this election and I'm going to spend it." What this means for workers and young people around the world is already clear.

by Paul Murphy
200,000 civil servants strike to save jobs in first all-civil service strike since 1993
OVER 200,000 civil servants across Britain went on strike on 5 November, against the government's threat to 104,000 jobs and attacks on pensions, pay and sick leave.

This was the first all-civil service strike since 1993 and a resounding response to these attacks.

Socialist to run for UNISON General Secretary
ROGER BANNISTER, member of our sister organisation, the Socialist Party in England, is running for the position of UNISON general secretary.
A toxic time bomb!
BBC NORTHERN Ireland's Spotlight programme on 19 October exposed a multi-million pound cross border illegal dumping racket, run by a Fermanagh based criminal "Dublin Jimmy" McGuinness. Socialist Party member ANTON McCABE was one of the journalists who worked on the programme, and was the first journalist to name Dublin Jimmy at the end of last year. Anton here outlines the scale of the problem and the real reasons it has arisen.