Post Office strike

Why are local politicians silent on postal strike?

Socialist Party Press statement (28/6/7) on the postal strike.

The Socialist Party today gave full support to the postal workers in their strike action starting tomorrow for a decent pay rise and to defend the postal service. Party Regional Secretary Peter Hadden said;

"This strike is not just about the pay and conditions of postal workers, it is also about resisting Royal Mail's plans to cut 40,000 jobs and decimate the service as we know it. Looming in the background is New Labour, and Gordon Brown's, plan to privatise the service.

"The silence of the local parties on this is deafening. None have been prepared to back the postal workers.

"Could it be that, now they have their reins on power, they know they will soon be launching the same attacks on other public services as Royal Mail management have launched on the postal service?

"They know that a victory for postal workers would be a defeat for their plans to cut and privatise public services.

"Other trade unionists and members of the public can make up for the hush that has descended on Stormont on this issue by showing their support for the postal workers in this struggle.

Print off the SP leaflet distributed in support of the strikers