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Northern trade unionists and community activists call for protests at jailing of Bin Tax campaigners

This list was updated on October 15th, all the additional Northern names recieved ahve been added. international supporters, like the Austrians, Americans, etc. are listed on the CWI site.

The jailing of Socialist Party TD Joe Higgins and Cllr Clare Daly for one month for their refusal to cease campaigning against the bin tax in Dublin is an attack on working class peoples rights to protest against injustice.

Both Joe and Clare were elected to the Dail and Fingal County Council respectively with a mandate to oppose the introduction of bin charges and to represent the thousands of families who are opposed to bin charges. Bin Charges are a form of double taxation.

Under the present Southern Government, more than 80% of all income tax is collected from the working class under the PAYE system. PAYE workers do not object to paying for the service but certainly do object to paying twice. The agenda of the establishment is to defeat resistance to the bin tax, make the tax collectible, reintroduce the hated water charges and bring local taxation up to the 1000 euro a year mark.

The Government and the Councils try to portray the tax as an environmentally friendly measure based on the principle that "the polluter pays". However, the point is that the polluter manifestly does not pay in the southern State. A couple of years ago total national waste came to 80 million tonnes. Of this, a mere 1.2 million tonnes was accounted for by household waste. Most of the rest was accounted for by big business and agriculture. Yet ordinary householders were hit with service charges and big business was rewarded with the lowest corporate tax rates in Europe.

The jailing of Joe Higgins and Clare Daly for fighting for the rights of working class people is been met with outrage throughout the country. This is at the same time that millionaire tax dodgers have been found to have cheated the tax man of a small fortune by hiding money in offshore Ansbacher bank accounts. Not a single Ansbacher Man has seen the inside of a prison cell.

The defeat of the bin charges in the South would also be a victory for working people in Northern Ireland. Campaigns are presently being built across the North to organise non-payment of the planned water charges which are also designed to financially cripple working class people even further.

We are calling for workers throughout Northern Ireland to protest and show solidarity with Joe and Clare and with the working class people of Dublin fighting the bin tax.

All union members listed here appear in a personal capacity
Gordon McNeill
Madan Gumpta
Chris Bowyer, sacked Belfast International airport shop stewards, ATGWU
Harry Hutchinson, Secretary T&GWU Mid-Ulster & West Branch
Tommy Carlisle, ATGWU member.
Gerry Quigley, Shop Steward, Derry docks and Branch Committee, 3/3 Branch
Tony Murray Branch Committee 3/3 Branch ATGWU, Derry
Patsy Sweeney, ATGWU Shop Steward, Ulsterbus, Omagh
Ciaran Malloy, Branch Committee, 3/121 branch

Amicus -AUEW
Jimmy Adamson, sacked AUEW activist, Montupet strike.
Uel Adair, Regional Officer AMICUS-AEEU, Derry
Goretti Horgan AMICUS-MSF

Kevin McCafferty CWU (Engineering) Branch Treasurer, Derry
David Bell, NI Clerical Branch
Tom Hagans, N.Ireland Clerical Branch CWU
Patricia Feenan, N.Ireland Clerical Branch CWU

Jim Barbour, FBU Executive Committee
Jim Quinn FBU, Chairperson NI
Ian Beard Belfast branch
Tom Shaw Belfast branch

Irish National Teachers Organisation
Mary Cahillane INTO Executive member
Tony Lappin, Executive member
Donal O'Donogue, Executive member
Mary McIntyre, Executive member
Brendan o'Sullivan, Executive member
Gerry Ruddy
Frank Bunting, Northern Secretary
Jim McLaughlin
Joe Duffy
John McAnaulty, Secretary East Down INTO
Peter McAllister

Michael Grimes Secretary Omagh Branch National Association of Schoolmasters/Union of Women Teachers

Carmel Gates, NIPSA President
Padraig Mulholland, NIPSA General Council member
Brian Booth, NIPSA General Council member
Kevin Lawrenson, NIPSA General Council member
Paul Dale, NIPSA General Council member
Carol Barnet, NIPSA General Council member
Mickey Duffy, NIPSA Fermanagh & Tyrone Health Branch
Kevin Lawrenson, Public Sector Executive
Michael Robinson, Civil Service Ex. Comm
Tommy Black, Branch 516
Rodger Clifford, POG Ex. Comm

Kevin Cooper, Chair Northern Ireland Committee

Padraig Campbell, National Off-Shore Committee, SIPTU
Joe O'Toole, Chair National Off-Shore Committee, SIPTU

Trades Councils
Omagh Trades Union Council
Benny Cassidy, Chair Fermanagh Trades Union Council and Joint Secretary UNISON Omagh and Fermanagh Branch
Tony Maguire, Belfast Trades Council
Anton McCabe, Omagh Trades Council
Eamonn McCann, Journalist, Vice-Chair Derry Trades Council
Manus Maguire, Ex. Committee Belfast TC

Political parties, etc
Peter Hadden Northern Regional Executive Committee, Socialist Party
Gary Mulcahy
Ciaran Mulholland
Socialist Youth
Green Party Councillor Raymond Blaney, Down District Council
Betty Given, Chair Northern Ireland Women's Coalition (Personal Capacity)

Community Activists/organisations, etc.
Laurence Rush, Omagh Bomb Victim and Justice Campaigner
John McAteer, Editor, Tirconaill Tribune
Michael Gillespie, Secretary West Donegal Land League
Lawrence Smyth, General Secretary Northern Ireland Agricultural Producers' Association
Gerry McCusker, Chair Omawest Community Association, Omagh
Maire Harrington, Spokesperson Mayo Against Gas
Patricia Campbell, Chair Lough Neagh Fishermen's Association
Gary McKeever, The Rainbow Project