From The Irish Times Website: FINGAL COUNTY Council will ask the High Court on Friday to imprison or fine "bin tax" protesters and Socialist Party members Mr Joe Higgins, TD, and fellow party councillor Ms Clare Daly.

Lawyers for the council today told the court that Mr Higgins and Ms Daly had been "intimately involved and actively participating in a blockade of collections in blatant disregard" to a week old High Court injunction outlawing such activities.

The case comes amid continued protests across Dublin at the council's decision not to collect domestic waste from householders who have not paid their refuse charges.

When the Council sought leave to serve short notice of attachment and committal proceedings Mr Higgins said he had to be honest with the court and stated he was not in a position to cease the democratic campaign against waste collection charges or personally refrain from assisting in the campaign of civil disobedience.

"The actions of Fingal County Council are seriously detrimental to the thousands of residents I represent," he told Judge O'Neill.

Councillor Daly said that with no disrespect to the court she wished to be associated with and adopt Mr Higgins's attitude.

Judge O'Neill, when told they did not wish to give any undertaking to obey court injunctions restraining them from interfering with bin collections, said he had no option but to grant the council's application for short service of the attachment and committal proceedings which shall be heard on Friday.

Mr Higgins, in an affidavit, said there was massive opposition to the bin charges and massive resentment at the council's direction that those engaged in a boycott of the new charge should be denied a refuse collection service.

He said the council had alleged he and another Councillor, Ms Ruth Coppinger, also a named defendant, had encouraged householders and residents to intimidate neighbours who had paid the charges and placed tags on their bins.

"This is a scurrilous allegation and is entirely untrue," Mr Higgins said.

"Any campaign in which I have been involved has been entirely peaceable and I would find such conduct utterly repugnant," he said.

Mr Higgins also denied stating he would arrange for the collection and dumping of untagged waste on public open space and land owned by the council.

He also refuted allegations that he had intimidated officials of Fingal County Council and said the peaceful community political campaign would not condone the intimidation or harrassment of anyone.

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