Socialist View - Spring 2004, Contents List

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Madrid atrocities "the wars are yours the deaths are ours"

In the three days between the Madrid bombings which left 200 dead and 1,500 injured and the general election, Spanish Prime Minister Aznar attempted to use the atrocity to ensure his ruling Popular Party was re-elected. The Popular Party immediately blamed ETA and chose to ignore the increasing evidence that the bombings may have been carried out by a group linked to Al Qaeda.
By Stephen Boyd

the miners' strike 1984 - 85

"The ruling class have thrown down the gauntlet, and not just to the miners. This is a political challenge to the whole labour movement. The Tories intend, if they can, to smash the miners today to pave the way for a merciless attack on all other workers tomorrow. All workers must fight shoulder to shoulder with the NUM". Militant Miner December 1984.
It's 20 years since Margaret Thatcher went to war against the National Union of Mineworkers (NUM). The British Miners' strike of 1984 - 1985 was one of the most important industrial struggles in post war Britain. By Fiona O'Loughlin

Northern Ireland - building a socialist alternative

Across Western Europe there is a debate on the left as to the best way to create or recreate new mass parties of the working class. The sharp move to the right of the social democratic and labour parties over the last 10-15 years, has put this issue firmly on the agenda. Trade union and community activists opposed to the attacks on the working class and young people involved in the anti-war and anti-globalisation movements have no political party. By Ciaran Mulholland

Is Bush on the ropes? US presidential race heats up

Although the US presidential election is still eight months away, the race for the White House is heating up already. The Democratic Party primaries (state by state elections where the main parties choose their nominees) rapidly winnowed a field of nine candidates until only John Kerry was left standing. Most primary voters said their main consideration was choosing the person who would have the best chance of beating George W. Bush. This phenomenon has become known as ABB - Anybody But Bush. Tom Crean reports from New York

A review by Ashling Golden of Peter Taaffe's new book empire defeated

"Empire Defeated" the new book by Peter Taaffe, General Secretary of the Socialist Party (CWI in England and Wales), has been published at a time when many are drawing parallels between the Vietnam War and the occupation of Iraq.

Southern Ireland The anti bin tax struggle

The most significant battle this government has faced since its re-election has been on the bin tax. This is not just an attempt to get workers to pay more, it is about establishing a system of local charges in order to lay the basis for the privatisation of services. The capitalist establishment are united and determined to impose this tax which for them is a battering ram for their neo-liberal offensive. By Kevin McLoughlin

Bush's Mars programme a new "Star Wars" dream?

"We do not know where this journey will end, yet we know this: human beings are headed into the cosmos." It was with these words that George W. Bush announced to the world that he had approved NASA projects for manned space missions to the Moon and Mars. Bush's presidency has been marked by war not the pursuit of science, so what is he really up to? By Stephen Boyd

Nigeria A country in crisis

By Peter Hadden
Peter Hadden reports for Socialist View on a visit to Nigeria last Autumn made to support the Democratic Socialist Movement (DSM) in their work.

Iraq - imperialism's quagmire no exit in sight

The millions who took to the streets across the world last year against war on Iraq were attacked by George Dubya Bush and his poodle Blair as apologists for the brutal record of Saddam Hussein's dictatorship. Arguments that Saddam was an immediate threat, that he was linked to al-Qaeda and other arguments for going to war are now treated with derisory contempt. But it is events in Iraq which have proven that the millions who opposed the war were correct.

By Gary Mulcahy