Articles on the 2003 war by America against Iraq.

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War in Iraq

New offensive by Bush, Nov. 2004

Fallujah burns
DONALD RUMSFELD said that he didn't foresee large numbers of civilian casualties during "Operation Phantom Fury", US Imperialism's bloody assault on Fallujah. Yet, what little news that is emerging from the besieged city, contradicts this obscene lie.
by Stephen Boyd From the Nov. 2004 edition of Socialist, the new paper of the SP.

"The United States' military, as we speak, is battering the daylights out of the city of Falluja with all its monstrous arsenal of armaments and its victims include hospital workers, medical personnel, women and little children."
Joe Higgins, Socialist Party TD (Member of the Irish Parliament) speaking to it on the war in Iraq, Nov. 10th.
Can we be clear on this matter? Is the [Irish] Government saying that it shares with the United States Government a belief that it has the right to launch an imperialist conquest of another country, to ruthlessly use its position as the most wealthy and powerful country on the planet to invade Iraq, corral its oil resources and establish military control over the Middle East?

Post War Reports and analysis.

Oil Dynasties: House of Bush, House of Saud - Published by Scribner (New York) 2004, $15.60 - Reviewed by Geoff Jones, US-CWI, Justice, No. 39, summer 2004.
"Why did the Bush administration approve the secret airlift out of America of 140 Saudis, including two dozen relatives of Osama bin Laden, just after September 11?" This question is posed on the cover of Craig Unger's book, House of Bush, House of Saud. Although a bestseller in the U.S., this is no Michael Moore-style easy read, but a serious analytical work. Read more here..

Siege in Najaf - Iraqi Resistance grows
This article is from the Sept. 2004 edition, Socialist Voice
THE SIEGE of Najaf is the latest episode that underlines the fact that neither US Imperialism nor their puppet "Iraqi government" led by Iyad Allawi control Iraq.
By Stephen Boyd
Iraq: - Soldier's relative speaks out
This article is from the Sept. 2004 edition, Socialist Voice
CAMPAIGNS AGAINST the occupation of Iraq and anti war demonstrations have been spearheaded by the families of military personnel. Socialist Voice spoke to one such family member currently working in Ireland, Wayne Scott Feller, whose brother, Ryan is a reservist serving in Iraq.
Iraq - imperialism's quagmire: no exit in sight - by Gary Mulcahy, Spring 2004 Socialist View
House of Saud rocked by attacks July 2004 edition, Socialist Voice
SAUDI ARABIA has been rocked by assassinations, terrorist attacks and gun battles in the streets as Al Qaeda attempts to overthrow the House of Saud, the Saudi Royal family.
IRAQ: a colonial war of subjugation July 2004 edition, Socialist Voice
THE RESULTS of an opinion poll carried out by the US led Iraqi Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA) are a blow to George Bush and Tony Blair's "liberation theology".

Dublin - June 24th - Bush not welcome here!

Thousands march in Irish cities against Iraq occupation. Cillian Gillespie, Socialist Youth. The Socialist Party and Socialist Youth had one of the biggest and liveliest contingents on the demonstration in Dublin, which included many young people from both the North and South of Ireland. Read more here from this report...

Bush Visit - We need to make a clear statement to the world
By Joe Higgins, Socialist Party TD. An article in the Irish Times, 23rd June, just before the trip to Ireland by Bush. Read more here
April 2004 USA – Iraq: Bush Lies. Who Dies?
Bush’s war and occupation of Iraq is facing increasing questioning and resistance within the US. More and more people, including many US soldiers, are concluding we need to “Bring the Troops Home Now!” Patrick Ayers from Justice, the paper of the CWI in America, recently sat down with Charley Robinson, one of the founding members of Military Families Speak Out, an organization that has quickly moved to the forefront of the anti-war movement. Read more here
Withdraw the invitation
The world's No. 1 war criminal, George W. Bush is due to visit Ireland on 25 and 26 June Read more here from the April ‘04 Socialist Voice.
Back on the streets against the occupation
SATURDAY 20 March was an international day of action against the occupation of Iraq. In Belfast a small but lively demonstration of 300 took to the streets to show their opposition to the brutal and continuing imperialist adventure in Iraq. Read more here from the April ‘04 Socialist Voice.
Iraq in revolt
The killing of 20 Shia protesters by Spanish occupying troops, and the issuing of an arrest warrant by US pro-consul Paul Bremer for the Shia cleric Muqtada al-Sadr has sparked off a new armed revolt by sections of the majority Shia population in Iraq. Read more here from the April ‘04 Socialist Voice.
1st Anniversary of Gulf War - CWI statement
One year on from US led war: Iraq suffers under imperialist occupation March 20th marks the first anniversary of the US led imperialist war on Iraq. Despite the fall of the hated dictator, Saddam Hussein, quality of life has plummeted for the majority of Iraqis. Lawlessness grips the land. Young people face a life of grinding poverty and unemployment. Social infrastructure is in tatters and with no sign of real improvement. And now fears of ethnic and religious conflict, possibly leading to civil war, abound.Read more here...
Joe Higgins attacks bush's planned visit to ireland.
When the Taoiseach leaves Dublin airport next week to visit the United States, unfortunately I cannot be on the tarmac to wave him off. Therefore, I must ask him now, if it is his intention to confirm the invitation to President Bush to visit Ireland at the end of June and, if so, on whose behalf will he extend that invitation? Does he presume to do so on behalf of the Irish people, a large majority of whom opposed his criminal invasion of Iraq on a basis that was obviously fraudulent and has been proved now? As he is President of the EU, does the Taoiseach delude himself that he is doing it on behalf of a majority of the citizens of the EU who also massively opposed his bloody invasion? We know the Taoiseach has been a willing tool for US imperial ambitions. Read more here...

Hutton Report: War crimes and whitewashes
"AS ANY inept DIY bodger could tell you, whitewash, applied carefully and thinly will last years. Too thick and it will flake off in no time." (Letter to The Guardian, 29 January) Editorial from The Socialist, paper of the SP in England/Wales.
The long awaited report by 'Lord' Hutton on the 'Kelly affair' was so blatantly and crudely one sided that it has produced a massive public backlash against the 'exonerated' Tony Blair and his crony Alistair Campbell. Read more here...

Bush & Blair to blame for carnage in Iraq
Up to 270 died and 500 were injured in the suicide bomb attacks in Baghdad and Karbala on the holiest day in the Shia calendar. 45 Shia's also died in attacks in Pakistan. One journalist described 2 March 2004 as the "Shia's September 11".
By Stephen Boyd. Read this article from Socialist Voice, March 2004.
Occupation of Iraq: 130,000 Shias chant "No to America" A three-mile long demonstration in Baghdad of 100,000 Shias. Read more here from the Feb. 04 Socialist Voice...
School students to oppose occupation of Iraq: 5 MARCH will see the first anniversary of the school students walkouts organised by Youth Against the War throughout the North. The day of action saw school student strikes across the world. Read more here from the Feb. 04 Socialist Voice...
international day of protest: 20 March 2004 Protest against US occupation Read more here from the Feb. 04 Socialist Voice...
FURTHER PROOF that the need to secure cheap oil by any means necessary is the key determining factor in driving US imperialism has just come to light.
Plans for 1973 Middle East US invasion? Read more from the January 2004 Socialist Voice...
Saddam's capture does not spell end for Iraqi resistance
LAST MONTH'S capture of Saddam Hussein was seized upon by the US and British governments, desperate to boost their flagging reputations at home, as the "beginning of the end" of resistance to the occupation in Iraq. Events on the ground, however, indicate growing resentment of the military presence and frustration at the failure to restore basic services and infrastructure. Michael O'Brien examines: Read more from the January 2004 Socialist Voice...
Special Feature: Resistance Against US Occupation Grows By Stephen Boyd. Socialist Voice, Sept. 2003
End the Occupation of Iraq - March with Youth against the War on Sept. 27th By Cillian Gillespie and Daniel Waldron in Socialist Voice, Sept. 2003
Kelly Death Deepens Blair's Crisis
The Socialist 26th July, carried this article: Coming on top of the controversy surrounding weapons of mass destruction (WMDs), the death of scientist Dr David Kelly has brought about the most serious crisis that New Labour has faced since coming to power in 1997.
Editorial: Weapons of mass destruction Socialist Voice, June 2003
Support the Iraqi People's Demand - End the US Occupation May 2003 Socialist Voice
Imperialism's Grim Legacy - The Reality of Occupation by Stephen Boyd & Peter Hadden May 2003 Socialist Voice
Iraq's New Dictatorship - It's Occupation, Not Liberation By Stephen Boyd April 17th 2003 Socialist Voice
North: Fund Services, Not War April 17th 2003 Socialist Voice
Iraq - Occupation, the Reality of 'Liberation' by Peter Hadden & Stephen Boyd April 17th 2003 Socialist Voice
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Anti-war reports
War – SP statements, etc.
Bush and Blair seek Peace Process alibi to cover their responsibility for slaughter in Iraq: Joe Higgins- Peter Hadden Press Statement 7th April 2003
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War and ‘reconstruction’: The lessons of the Balkans, Timor and Afghanistan 16th April 2003
The bloody occupation of Iraq: Triumph of the US Empire? CWI comment and analysis: 9th April 2003
Report of Joe Higgins opposition to American armed forces using Shannon facilities. Documents/JH-Dail.htm
Joe Higgins, Socialist Party TD (Member of parliament), speaking in the Dail, Thursday, 20th March 2003 The motion to allow US troops to use Shannon airport.
Working people and youth of the world protest against outbreak of war CWI statement Issued, March 20th 2003, Day X
The war train departs – 7th Feb. 2003
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