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Asian earthquake disaster - Workers & poor suffer most By Cillian Gillespie From the Nov-Dec 05 issue of the Socialist.
Article in Socialist Youth Bulletin June 2002

Kollantai, Alexandra
For socialism and women's liberation: CHRISTINE THOMAS, in Socialism Today, April 2003, writes on the life and ideas of the Russian revolutionary, Alexandra Kollantai, a pioneer of the struggle for socialism and women’s liberation.

The Korean Crisis by Brian Cahill Socialist Voice, Feb. 2003
North Korea: Another Nuclear Stand-Off by Brian Cahill Socialist Voice, Jan. 2003

Labour History Visit the Labour History section of the site. for a full range of these articles.

Feature: 1926 Gen. Strike in the Socialist April 2006
History – Northern Ireland in August 1969 - From the Sept. 2005 edition of the Socialist
Malcolm X - by any means necessary. Published in Socialist View, Spring 2005. - By Olivia O'Neill

History: Mass campaign of civil disobedience - The rent and rates strike. Published in Socialist View, Spring 2005.
By Ciaran Crossey

Sixty years after the end of World War Two
Origins of the war, big business and fascism, and lessons for the workers' movement, by Holger Dröge, SAV (CWI-Germany), Berlin looks at the origins of WW2, the role of big business in backing fascism, and the lessons for the workers' movement. Read the article.

Hiroshima – 60 years
Hiroshima, 6 August 1945, 8:00 am. The ‘all clear’ sounded, signalling the end of an air raid by US bombers. Workers and school children left their homes, putting out fires, clearing damage and going to work. At 8:45 am a single US bomber flew across the city, dropping an atomic bomb that exploded above the city. The bomb killed over 100,000 people, and injured another 80,000.

Lynn Walsh, Socialist Party on the CWI site, 10th August 05.

Workers Break the Stoppage
This was a 1977 pamphlet by the Labour and Trade Union Co-Ordinating Group, in which members of Militant played leading roles, showing how we responded to the sectarian stoppage organised by Paisley and his supporters. Here's the intro and here is the in pdf
Postal Workers fight sectarian threats
Militant Labour, September 1993
Postal workers in Belfast have called for protest strike action to any future paramilitary attacks or threats to them This was agreed at a meeting of the postal workers union, the Union of Communication workers (UCW) on Tuesday 7 September. [This is important as it is one of a series of workrs struggles to push back the bigots. SP]
Read on

Peadar O'Donnell- tribute to a socialist fighter

Militant, June 1986 - By Anton McCabe and Bill Webster

Peadar O'Donnell, socialist and writer, died on 13th May at the age of 93. With him died a link with the revolutionary movement that swept Ireland between 1907 and 1923 and the great figures who led it. Read on

Militant, January 1987, No. 148

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Against the Tide - book review by Pat Smyth

The publication of Noel Browne's fine autobiography, Against the Tide, will make uncomfortable reading for many of our senior politicians. Their sickening complacency to the facts of poverty and cringing servility in the face of the Catholic Church have changed little since the days of Browne's ill-fated Mother and Child Scheme. For anyone who shares Browne's anger at the hypocrisy of Irish society it makes a very good read. Read the rest of the review.

Russia 1905 - When workers gained a glimpse of power
The momentous events of 100 years ago, 1905, provided the working class in Russia with the understanding that it was a force capable of bringing industry to its knees, a force capable of turning railways, power, gas etc. on and off like a light-switch.

Sarah Sachs-Eldridge, Socialist Party, in the Socialist, Jan 22nd 2005

Teamster Rebellion:- 70th anniversary of Labor’s historic victory in Minneapolis
Seventy years ago, a small mid-western city was shaken to its very foundations. The 1934 Minneapolis Teamster strike is one of the greatest labor battles in U.S. history. For two months, the working class owned the streets.

Canyon Lalama, Minneapolis, from Justice,the paper of Socialist Alternative, the CWI in USA, Issue# 41, November 2004-January 2005

Markievicz - an inspiring woman

Diana Norma's book - Terrible Beauty A life of Constance Markievicz reviewed by Ruth Coppinger in Militant, September 1988
Only two people spoke in the entire debate on the Treaty which confirmed Partition in 1922, on behalf of the Irish working class. One was Liam Mellowes, the other was Constance Markievicz. Read the rest of Ruth's book review of this.

Irish Women Workers Union: 75 Years of Struggle

Review of These Obstreperous Lassies - A history of the Irish Women Workers Union, written by Mary Jones, published by Gill and Macmillan, 1988. Reviewed by FBWU Jacobs . [At the time of this review the supporters of Militant were being witch-hunted in the Irish Labour Party, so some pseudonyms were used.]
This book is a history of the Irish Women Workers Union (IWWU) during the 75 years of the union's existence from 1911 its amalgamation with the Federated Workers Union of Ireland (FWUI).

October 1932

When the Falls and the Shankill United Socialist Voice Oct. 2002, By Ciaran Crossey

'On the rack of profit - Children of the Dead End, written by Patrick McGill

Reviewed by Pat Smyth, Militant, Nov-Dec. 1982. While this is a novel, it is autobiographical, giving a graphic portrayal of conditions of migratory workers at the time, pre World War 1. It justifies a place in this Labour history area.
1798 - myth versus reality
The 200th anniversary of the 1798 United Irishmen rebellion has inspired an astonishing amount of published material and commemorative events. From republicans, claiming 1798 as the birth of their tradition; to the Orange Order, re-enacting the Battle of the Diamond which resulted in their establishment in 1795. TOM CREAN, from the National Executive of the SP, looks at the real legacy of 1798 for the workers' movement today. Socialism Today, produced by the cdes in Britain, No. 34, January 1999.

O'Neill Years: When Labour threatened Unionist rule

By a Militant reporter, Militant, July-August 1990

The former Stormont Prime Minister (1963-69) Terrence O'Neill died in June. There was a torrent of eulogies from the capitalist press and politicians. Read more here....

Dublin the 1913 Lockout

An article by Pat Smyth, from 1983, is being made available. Read more here....

SP, 16th June.

Labour Party [Deals with the British and Irish parties]
Do we want New Labour to organise in Northern Ireland? Article in the October 2004 edition, Socialist Voice
A FRINGE meeting at the Labour Party Conference heard a call for the party to set up constituency organisations in Northern Ireland. The call was made by a local official of the GMB, Andy McGivern, who said that the party was receiving money from 13,500 trade union members in Northern Ireland, but was offering them no services in return. By Peter Hadden

Review: New Labour Plc by Dave Osler
By Paul Hunt (June 2004) New Labour as a party of business "This is not a one-night stand, it’s a long term relationship". - Alan Milburn, former Secretary of State for Health and a leading Blairite, sums up well the relationship between Labour and big business.

Review: New Labour Plc by Dave Osler
By Paul Hunt (June 2004 - New Labour as a party of business "This is not a one-night stand, it’s a long term relationship". - Alan Milburn, former Secretary of State for Health and a leading Blairite, sums up well the relationship between Labour and big business.

Firefighters break link with Labour July 2004 edition, Socialist Voice THE FIRE Brigades Union have broken the link with New Labour.
FBU members want to break Labour link THE CONFERENCE of the Fire Brigades Union in early May could have taken a major step towards the building of a new party of the working class both here and in Britain. From the May 2004 edition, Socialist Voice.
Labour Party - Clinging on to power: In late January, Tony Blair managed to survive a stormy week that some had predicted would destroy him. Read more here from the Feb. 04 Socialist Voice...
Britain: Time for the Unions to Break the Labour Party Link by Ciaran Mulholland in the Sept. 2003 edition of Socialist Voice
Joe Higgins Column: Labour Party leadership. Socialist Voice, Nov. 2002

Land League
The Land League: rural workers and tenant farmers
Tom Burns writing in Militant Irish Monthly, No. 76, Sept. 1979 [A mix of a history article and a 1970s socialist programme for agriculture.]

Latin America See also Venezuela
Latin America - developments in Socialist View No 10, Spring 2003

Lebannon - see also Middle East
Lebannn's new crisis. Published in Socialist View, Spring 2005. By Stephen Boyd

Lenin: The original dictator? Lenin died 80 years ago, on 21 January 1924, but had by then been seriously ill and away from political work since the end of 1922. Since his death, however, the ruling classes globally have made no attempt at canonisation. Their fear of the Russian revolution, ‘ten days that shook the world’, led them to continue with ‘the most savage malice, the most furious hatred and the most unscrupulous campaigns of lies and slander’. An article by Per Åke Westerlund

Low Pay
Joe Higgins exposes 'bonded labour'. This article was in the Feb. 2005 edition of the Socialist.
A quarter live in poverty. This article was in the Feb. 2005 edition of the Socialist.
Interview: Life of a low paid worker Article in the October 2004 edition, Socialist Voice
Socialist Voice spoke to Jay (not his real name), a young worker in Cork, about his experiences of being "traded" from employer to employer by recruitment agencies.

Pay us a living wage! Article in the October 2004 edition, Socialist Voice
SOCIALIST YOUTH's End Low Pay Campaign has begun taking on low pay bosses across Ireland. Those paying slave wages are shamed weekly at stalls in Cork, Limerick and Dublin. By Paul Murphy

Omagh Picket forces SuperValu to increase wages Article in the October 2004 edition, Socialist Voice
SOCIALIST YOUTH have continued to put pressure on the SuperValu outlet owned by O'Kane stores in Omagh to raise their wages from the poverty rates they have been paying young people.
By Patrick Meehan Omagh Socialist Youth

This article is from the Sept. 2004 edition, Socialist Voice
Over the past few years, sweatshop bosses have made a fortune off the backs of young workers. While people like Michael O'Leary, Tony O'Reilly and Michael Smurfit have made millions, the wages and living conditions of young people remain dreadful.
This article is from the Sept. 2004 edition, Socialist Voice
MEMBERS OF Omagh Socialist Youth picketed the Supervalu store in the centre of the town at the end of August in protest at the poverty wages paid to young members of staff.
By Daniel Waldron, Omagh Socialist Youth
SOCIALIST YOUTH take on low pay bosses July 2004 edition, Socialist Voice
Minimum wage: pay the full rate at 16
IT IS five years since Tony Blair's New Labour government introduced the first ever minimum wage into British law, which it hailed as an example of 'social justice' and a 'striking achievement'. By Chris Loughlin
Read more from Socialist Voice January 2004...
2003 Scrooge title awarded
The End Low Pay Campaign's annual Scrooge of the Year Competition received a record number of nominations. There were obvious choices - overpaid MLAs, Shorts Management, the Civil Service. There were employers paying as little as £1 per hour.
Read more Socialist Voice January 2004...
Low Pay for Young People - Tesco Boss gets £3.2 million By Gary Mulcahy Socialist Voice June 2003
North: Living in Different Worlds by Terry McDonagh Socialist Voice, Feb. 2003
North: Scrooge Bain Strikes Again by Carmel Gates Socialist Voice, Feb. 2003
End the Low Pay Scandal by Gary Mulcahy Socialist Voice, Jan. 2003
Irish News coverage of the Low Pay Campaign – including attacks on Martin McGuinness – Dec 2000- Jan 2001
This is a verbatim record of the 'debate' in the Northern Ireland Assembly on the resolution calling for the setting of the Minimum Wage at £5 an hour. The debate was on Tuesday 3 April 2001. Rosa Luxemburg
Rosa Luxemburg: A life inspired
Rosa Luxemburg was born in Poland, 1871 - the year of the Paris Commune. In her short lifetime she experienced three major revolutions and participated in the most important debates amongst socialists internationally.Read more here.