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Reports of March 8th 2003 demo’s

Immigration Bill - Like Nazi Germany? Michael McDowell's new immigration bill is another example of this government's attempts to put up more and more barriers to keep refugees and asylum seekers out of Ireland. Read more here from the Feb. 04 Socialist Voice...

Indonesian army unleashes bloody assault Stephen Jolly, Socialist Party, Australia (CWI), Socialist Voice June 2003

Reports on March 22nd parades

Trade Union's must fight internment Militant 3rd September 1971

International News
World News in Brief: Council workers strike in Sweden, Nigeria elections May 2003 Socialist Voice

International Socialist Resistance
Le Pen Article by the French members of International Socialist Resistance. April 2002

International Women’s Day
International Women’s Day, CWI Statement, 2002
International Women’s Day, CWI Statement, 2001

As IRA prepares statement, we say: Disband ALL paramilitaries From the Socialist, August 2005.
By Peter Hadden

Breaking News: Today (28 August) the IRA released their latest statement. It can be read here From the Socialist, August 2005. - further Socialist Party analysis to follow soon.

Republicanism in crisis. Published in Socialist View, Spring 2005. By Peter Hadden

Iran: No to war & sanctions in the Socialist, May 2006
Iranian Government executes gay teenagers
The newly elected president of Iran, the religious conservative and former revolutionary guard Mahmoud Ahmadinejad who was elected on the 24 June tried to play down fears of Iranian workers during the election campaign that he would reverse the "liberalization" of recent years. Read the rest of this article here.
Marc Vallée Socialist Party England and Wales, 29/7/5

Strikes in Iran Matty Waine in Socialist Voice, July 2003.

Iraq See also War for material on the 2003 war
Iraq – nearing civil war?- From the Sept. 2005 edition of the Socialist
Blood For Oil: Ten Years After the Gulf War by Michael O'Brien Socialist View No 8, Spring 2001

Irish Ferries
For international trade union action to STOP SLAVE LABOUR at Irish Ferries From the Nov-Dec 05 issue of the Socialist.

Islam and Socialism
Discrimination against Muslims in Britain has increased markedly over the last few years. The horrendous, inhuman attack in Beslan, which outraged the world’s population including the vast majority of Muslims, will undoubtedly increase anti-Muslim prejudice. Hannah Sell takes a socialist approach to how Islamaphobia can be fought, and draws out lessons from the policies of the Bolsheviks in the aftermath of the Russian revolution. This article is from the Ocotober 2004 edition of Socialism Today. Read the rest of this report here.

France: Chirac bans headscarves: The recent unveiling of plans by the French Government to ban the wearing of religious symbols in public schools (but not private schools) has created a massive rift in French society and has provoked protests in France and across the world. Read more here from the Feb. 04 Socialist Voice...
Afghanistan, Islam and the Revolutionary Left

See the articles on the Middle East.
Israel/Palestine: Assassinations Derail 'Road Map' by Alan Lee, Socialist Voice, Sept. 2003
Israeli newspaper interview with comrade A well known nationally daily paper in Israel, Ha'aretz Daily, interviewed young immigrants who refuse to be drafted into the Israeli Defence Forces, 9th May 2003.

Protests and Strike Continue Socialist Voice, Jan. 2003
One million oppose war and capitalism Socialist Voice, Nov. 2002

NEW SECTION - Joining the Struggle
Why I joined Article in the October 2004 edition, Socialist Voice
Terry Hughes is a student at Coleraine University of Ulster, and is now organising the Socialist Society in Coleraine

Clondalkin - community action against cuts Socialist Voice, July 2003
Community Employment - Thousands of jobs axed Socialist Voice, July 2003
Celesticia Closure Clare Daly: PRESS STATEMENT May 2nd 2003
Ardagh Glass Closure Joe Higgins and Clare Daly: Press Statement – 1st May 2002