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Bins Campaign

Document by the SP drawing the lessons of the campaign

Notes about the online version: This publication originally appeared in a much abridged form in the Winter 2004 issue of Socialist View. The original article never appeared on our sites and we now present the updated and expanded 30,000 word version. All links in the text open in new browser windows - and where indicated, a PDF reader is required to view certain files.

The Revolutionary Role of Youth

An essential document from the archives
To build a revolutionary party, Marxists must orientate the bulk of their work towards the youth. This has been borne out by the experience of the Bolsheviks and of the Marxists in the more recent period. Read the rest of this document.

The Spanish Revolution

To mark the anniversary of the start of the Spanish Civil War on July 18th 1936 when Franco and his friends, Hitler and Mussloini attacked the elected Left of centre government of Spain, cdes in Belfast have published this booklet.


1936 Revolution in Spain: Workers rise against fascist coup, Manus Maguire writing in Militant Irish Monthly, May 1986
Spain 1936 – the lessons of the Popular Front Manus Maguire writing in Militant Irish Monthly, July-August 1986, No. 142.
Felix Morrow’s: Extract from Revolution and Counter-Revolution in Spain Chapter 3, The Revolution of July 19
The ‘May Days’ of 1937 in Barcelona by Pierre Broue, Jan.1986

Northern Ireland: For Workers’ Unity A reply to the Workers’ Association pamphlet, ‘What’s wrong with Ulster trade unionism?’ Peter Hunt. A Militant pamphlet from Belfast in 1974

We've added this pamphlet not just for the historical record, but so that new readers can see this material, written in 1974 and in 1972. There are important theoretical points here on the national question, transistional demands, etc. Also of interest to most newer readers will be the labour history as lessons on the decline of the NILP, the role of Harry Midgely and Wiliam Walker, etc.

Socialist Youth
Text of leaflet handed out at
Gay Pride march Belfast 7th August 2004

Stop the Homophobic Attacks - UNITY IS STRENGTH

Leaflets distributed in Northern Ireland, August 2004

Youth Against Racism
Leaflet Text
Stop Racist Attacks – Halt the far-right
RACIST ATTACKS are now taking place on almost a daily basis across Northern Ireland. Last year there were 226 reported incidents and many more that went unreported. Most of these attacks are being orchestrated by far right groups such as the British National Party, the White Nationalist Party and Combat 18.

Revolutionary Socialists and the Venezuelan revolution

The revolutionary crisis in Venezuela has entered a new and critical phase. The left-populist regime of President Hugo Chávez appears to have taken a left turn in the face of a renewed threat from reaction.

Tony Saunois, CWI, 21 June 2004

On two occasions, an attempted coup in April 2002 and during an employers’ lockout between December 2002 and January 2003, the working class and poor, through their own spontaneous mass movements from below, defeated these attempts at reaction. These reactionary attacks on the regime have now been followed by others. Firstly, a plot was exposed involving over 100 members of right-wing death squads from Colombia. This force entered Venezuela in collusion with sections of the ruling class in Caracas and was part of a plot to destabilise the Chávez regime and assassinate him. It was this threat that provoked a turn to the left by Chávez. As we have explained in 'Venezuela - a new phase in the revolution' (24 May 2004) Chávez for the first time directly attacked capitalism and raised the issue of arming the population.
Read the rest of this important, extensive document....

Important book now available.

Troubled Times, The national question in Ireland

By Peter Hadden

How did Ireland's national problem arise? What was the reason for partition? Does the British ruling class really want to pull out? Must the working class always be divided on this issue? This landmark publication looks again at Irish history right up to the present. It refutes much of what has become the accepted wisdom of current academics who see no way of overcoming the sectarian division. It offers something unique - a programme on the national question to unite, rather than divide the working class. For those seeking ways in which the national problem can be overcome, this challenging book is a must. First published in 1995, this document is now online thanks to the work of cde John Sharpe, CWI.

Towards Division, not Peace

Written in Oct-Nov. 2001, Towards Division Not Peace is essential reading for those attempting to understand the complex process of sectarian polarisation and division and how a solution can be found. The collapse of the Assembly confirms many of the conclusions in the pamphlet on how sectarian parties are incapable of delivering real peace.

The question of how a united movement of workers and youth could be built in the next period is also dealt with, and the document is an invaluable tool for all activists in the unions, communities, schools and colleges.

These pages are taken from the March 2002 edition of the pamphlet, the finished public edition. The whole pamphlet can be bought from our offices in Belfast and Dublin. Costs Euro5 or £3 (post free) Here's the opening section.

Chinese politics: Stephen Jolly, a cde based in Australia, wrote this pamphlet after speaking to the mass demonstration in Tainamen Square, China, in 1989. Read this exciting report here...

Bulletin of Marxist Studies, Vol. 1. No 3, Spring 1985

Northern Ireland: Marxism and the State - Harry Peters This article was written for the Bulletin of Marxist Studies, a journal produced by Militant suporters in Britain, and as such forms a part of our political heritage. This document is an excellent example of how Marxists should approach issues like the state, in a transistional manner. June 2004.
"The state, as Engels put it, can in the last analysis be reduced to 'armed bodies of men acting in defence of private property'. This understanding is fundamental to Marxism and helps to draw a line of division between the camps of reformism and revolution.A state did not exist in all societies. When there were no classes there was no necessity for a separate body of administrators and agents of coercion to maintain class exploitation."Read the article.

Beyond the Troubles

A comrade in Dublin has scanned in Beyond the Troubles an important book by Peter Hadden, the NI Secretary of the SP. The book was produced in 1994 but is still very relevant to all socialists interested in politics in Northern Ireland.

The Struggle for Socialism Today

(A reply to the politics of the Socialist Worker's Party) - A 1999 document by the Socialist Party in Ireland

A range of Documents by the SP and the CWI is also available here

Important document on the national question

Our comrades in Scotland have produced an important document on the national question there. We think this should be read by activists in Ireland, so here it is.

NHS - Hayes Report: the Socialist Alternative.

This 50-page reply by Dr. Ciaran Mulholland to the Hayes report is now available.

It deals with the arguments against hospital closures and details the case against privatisation, PPP, PFI, etc. It is available now in either HTML format or a PDF version is also available (approx 50 pages)

Australian Socialist oppose repressive legislation

As a follow up to the 'war on terrorism' internationally, the Australian government is bringing in some local repressive laws. The Australian SP are opposed to these laws, read their article here.

Empire Defeated: Vietnam War, the lessons for today

Peter Taaffe is a long-standing leader of the Committee for a Workers International. This book, Empire Defeated: Vietnam War, the lessons for today will be of great interest to all those involved in the protests against the invasion of Iraq.
The book costs £6 and is available; post free, from the Belfast SP offices. Cheques payable to the Socialist Party.

Update, July 2004

Vietnam war - the lessons for today. Now online. Peter Taaffe, first published February 2004. We would still encourage all our readers to buy the prointed version, it's a great, educational read. Copies are available from the SP offices in Belfast and Dublin.

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