Growth of Socialist Youth

Bangor branch

Socialist Voice June 2002

`Socialist Youth is also recruiting people in the Bangor area where we hope to set up a branch soon. Cassie, a school student living in Bangor explained why she joined.

"After being exasperated by the lack of positive political figures in Northern Ireland, I found Socialist Youth about three months ago. I used to look at Northern Ireland completely faithless, and think that we'd never be free of all the sectarianism and segregation because we had no collective. I wasn't even aware of Socialist Youths existence until I started frantically searching for an anti-war movement in Northern Ireland on the Internet one night. I was amazed that something so positive existed here."

"One of the most attractive things about Socialist Youth is that it is a group for people too young to get active. I'd always thought I didn't matter to politicians (I don't, to some) because I was "insignificant" to their success. It felt so good to know that my opinion did actually matter to someone, and that there were enough other people my age with positive opinions to warrant a group for us. I couldn't believe that there was a party who cared enough to defend the youth, and deal with the issues that are important to us. We really need to build Socialist Youth in Bangor and other parts of the country so that young people have an alternative to the sectarian capitalist politicians who couldn't give a damn about us."

Derry Branch activities

The newest branches of Socialist youth have been active campaigning on the streets and getting a huge response from young people.

In Derry, we have established a vibrant branch and have been busy taking up different issues in the city. In response to the re-occupation of Palestinian territories by the Israeli army, Socialist Youth members took to the streets of Derry with a petition and leaflets calling for the immediate withdrawal of Israeli troops and explaining the need to find a socialist solution.

We received a lot of support from people because of our balanced approach in respecting the national rights of Israelis. Loads of young people showed an interest in Socialist Youth because we were pointing out that capitalism is to blame for the crisis in the Middle East.

Recently we have been campaigning against low pay. Young people are paid crap wages by employers in Derry. Daniel, a Socialist Youth member in Derry explained "Derry is a city renowned for low pay, unemployment and lack of jobs. It is considered one of the least developed cities in the UK and the fact that it has the highest number of children living in poverty in the UK also backs this up.

Yet, the government has done nothing to help this problem. The minimum wage is very common for workers to be receiving in Derry with those under the age of 18, often receiving less. We received a brilliant response from people who are disgusted at the wages being paid to young people. Socialist Youth in Derry will continue to fight for a 6 minimum wage for all workers over 16 as a step towards the European Decency Threshold."

We will also be busy in building for a public meeting on the Middle East and are planning to organise activity in solidarity with the major anti-capitalist demonstrations planned for the meeting of the G8 in Seville.

Socalist Youth activities

Belfast - Meet every Saturday for stall outside Virgin Megastore at 1pm Derry / Coleraine - ring Brendan at 0779934661 for details Bangor - ring Gary at 90 232962 for details

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