Middle East developments

Socialist Voice June 2002

THE BUTCHERY displayed by Ariel Sharons' re-occupation and siege of Palestinian territories has failed to quench the resistance of the Palestinian people.

The killing of 16 Israeli civilians by a Hamas suicide bomber in the town of Rishon Letzion has shown how the Israeli states' brutal war on the Palestinians has increased the danger of more attacks on Israeli civilians.

Facing extreme state oppression, Palestinians have turned in desperation to tactics such as suicide bombing, believing this can damage the Israeli State.

However, suicide bombing has the opposite effect. Instead of weakening the Israeli State, it drives the Israeli working class and youth behind Sharon and the state, providing more space for the Israeli ruling class to extend its war on the Palestinian people.

It is the Israeli capitalist class and imperialism, alongside the reactionary Arab rulers, who are to blame for the problems of the region. The Middle East is of vital strategic importance to imperialism. Oil profits come before everything else.

The concession of an independent Palestinian state would in the eyes of capitalism threaten their interests as it would be seen as a source of inspiration to the rest of the Arab world to fight for their rights in the region.

By linking up with the struggles of the Israeli working class and youth, the aim of a truly independent Palestine state can be achieved. But to do this the rule of capitalism in the region would have to be confronted. Under capitalism a genuinely independent Palestine state is not possible. A successful struggle requires a mass movement of the Palestinians under the democratic control of elected popular committees of struggle fully accountable to the masses. At the same time the movement needs to link up with the Israeli working class and conscripts.

The war raged on upon the Palestinian people has led to Sharon attacking the conditions of the Israeli working class. Huge cuts in social spending and mass privatisation's have deepened class divisions within Israel. The interests of the Israeli working class and youth and the Palestinians are inextricably linked. As long as capitalism has a stranglehold on the region, instability, war and poverty will continue to blight the ordinary people of the Middle East.

The Socialist Party's sister organisation Maavak Sozialisti in Israel/Palestine is campaigning against Sharon's vicious war and uniting .....

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