Put the system on trial!

Socialist Voice Nov. 2002

AT THE same time that the "Celtic Tiger" was roaring and Ireland was joining the elite of rich nations, tribunal after tribunal was being established to investigate the rip-off and abuse of working class people by the state, politicians and the church.

By Kevin McLoughlin

The issues under investigation in the tribunals go to the very heart of how southern Irish society is run. Without the Celtic Tiger, it is quite possible that the capitalist establishment would have been savaged by a mass movement demanding an end to their abuse of power.

We've had the Beef Tribunal and two Tribunals, including Lindsay, into the operations of the blood transfusion board. Currently the Moriarity Tribunal is investigating Haughey and Lowry; Flood is investigating corruption in planning matters in Dublin; Bermingham is investigating the sexual abuse by the clergy in Ferns and Morris is investigating the Gardai in Donegal.

The terms of reference of these Tribunals, on specific people or areas, is designed to limit the scope of investigation and therefore the damage. Testimony given to a tribunal cannot be used again in criminal proceedings. A new type of amnesty! The so-called pillars of our society, political leaders, the church hierarchy and the tops of the police are doing everything in their power to hold back the truth and to avoid their responsibility for destroying the lives of thosands of working class people.

If these Tribunals got to the truth, they would expose a cabal of big business, politicians, the church hierarhy and the state organising to develop their own priviledged position by trampling on the rights of working class people. Desception and lies have been the tools of their trade. Has this ended? Quite the opposite. The cynical lies during the election campaign and now the savage cuts being implemented illustrate this.

The abuse of power, a lack of democracy and corruption is part and parcel of the establishment in this country and the capitalist system they represent. It is not a question of being satisfied with a few fall guys posssibly going to prison, the system should be put on trial by working class people and then found guilty.

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