Youth Against War - Organise For Action

Socialist Voice February 2003

In the North

YOUTH AGAINST War has already built a base in over 20 schools across the North. Schools students are busy building the campaign in schools in Belfast, Bangor, Lisburn, Newry, Omagh, Enniskillen, Coleraine, Derry and other areas.

Youth Against the War has been leafleting, petitioning and postering to build support for the 15 February demo in Belfast. We are also building support for schools students to take action themselves. In schools throughout the North, school walk-outs are already being organised for the day the war begins - Day 'X'. On Day 'X', school students in Belfast, Derry, Omagh, Coleraine, Bangor and possibly other towns will have walk-outs and protest at the gates of their schools. In some schools, students believe there is confidence that many are willing to go on strike.

Gavin, a Youth Against the War school student activist in Derry explained "There is a real mood to take action. We are planning on having a protest at the time when we are supposed to be coming back from lunch. Instead of being in class, we hope to have a sizeable number of students at the school gate to demonstrate our opposition to the war. We are also appealing to other school students around the country to follow Youth Against the War's lead and organise walk-outs in their own schools." Amanda, anothe Derry YAW school student said: "After leafleting and talking to different classes I really noticed how much support there is for Youth Against War. People said they felt really angry about Bush and Blair's war for oil. We are now organising a walkout on Day X."

A benefit gig has also been organised with many of Derry's top young bands offering their support. One of the most popular bands, Cut-Throat, have even requested to join Youth Against the War and call for support of the campaign at all their gigs! Debates are also being organised in schools around the country.

Daniel from Omagh recently spoke at a public meeting to launch Youth Against the War and stated that he had already given his speech at school earlier that day. Amanda in Derry has won support from many teachers and is also organising a debate at her school. Plans are also underway to organise activities and meetings in Newry where Youth Against the War has already done some work for 15 February.

If you would like to join Youth Against the War and set up a group in your school, then contact Gary or Chris at 02890 232962.

Dublin Youth Against War

"Are you listening Fianna Fail... US warplanes off our soil" was the message from the YAW scholl student protest outside the Dail on Wednesday 5th February. Nearly 50 young people assembled outside the Dail to deliver the message that Youth Against War has got from hundreds of scholls students we have met over the past few weeks - young people in Ireland are completely opposed to this war.

Apart from this protest, YAW organised stalls, meetings, meetings, scholl debates and anti-war groups to build a significant youth contingent for the 15th February demo. We recieved a massive positive response from young people and have been reciveing letters, phone calls and E-mails every day from school students wanting to join us and get involved.

Over the past few weeks, we have distributed thousands of leaflets and petetions in schools across Dublin. In Belvedere College we organised an after school meeting and 20 people set up an anti-war group. John, the main organiser of the Belveder group said: "I was amazed by the response I got when I handed out Youth Against War leaflets in my school. I had no idea so many people were against the war and were willing to get active."

We've been invited to speak other schools and are now organising anti-war groups in schools across Dublin to prepare for action on the day the war starts. Interested? Contact us @ 087 6684616

Cork Youth Against War

On 1st February Socialist Youth organised a very successful anti-war protest in Cork.

The protest started with 80 people standing on either side of Patrick's Bridge with banners and placards. The mood of young people was firmly against the Irish government's shameful obedience to Bush's warmongering and we decided to send a clear message of opposition to the government by marching through the city. The numbers grew and grew as we marched down PAtrick Street and soon there were over 250, mainly young people, marching behind the YAW banner. 100 young people signed up to participate in further YAW activities and protests.

Wexford Youth Against War

Socialist Party and Socialist Youth members played a major role in the establishment of Wexford Against War.

30 school students from YAW took part in a protest of 150 people in the town, and a bus was organised for the 15th February demo in Dublin. Plans for further local YAW protests are being made.

Organise for Action in Schools

School students and young people are taking to the streets and joining the millions of anti-war protestors around the world who oppose Bush and Blair's war on Iraq.

Youth Against War has been set up by Socialist Youth as a campaign for all young people who are opposed to this war. It is open to any young person who is against the war for oil.

We have already established anti-war groups in numerous schools in Dublin, Cork and Wexford and we have organised successful anti-war protests in all of these areas. Youth Against War is urging all school students who oppose the war to set up their own anti-war groups. Youth Against War groups can do many practicle things in their school to raise awareness about the war. For example you can send a petition to the school authorities demanding that the issue be discussed at a school assembly and put to a vote. Anti-war groups can also organise for the students from their schools to attend the various anti-war demonstrations and can even build for school student strikes and walkouts when Bush launches his war.

It's important that young people let the Irish government know that they do not speak in our name by allowing US warplanes to refuel in Shannon. Which is why Youth Against War is participating in and mobilising for all of the anti-war demonstrations at Shannon Airport.

What can you do? In your school organise a Youth Against War group, just get a few like minded individuals and get in touch with us by filling in the form below. Organise debates between pro and anti war pupils, handout leaflets explaining why you should oppose the war; ask people to sign petitions against the war. Organise for a lunchtime walkout in your school with pledge cards that people can sign up for. Finally get organised, contact Youth Against War and get active against this bloody war for oil!

* Build Youth Against War groups in every School, College and University.
* Organise for a lunchtime walkout in your school and join students from all over the world in saying no to this war for oil.

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