Article from the Oct 2004 edition, Socialist Voice

OECD backs college fees!

THE OECD has recommended that the government re-introduce fees for students. In reality the OECD is flagging up the issue of fees or alternatives like student loans on behalf of the government

By Oisin Kelly, UCDSU Council member

The OECD believes that fees will somehow lead to an equitable education system! The government neglecting young people and under-funding primary, secondary and third level education is the real reason for inequality in the education system.

The FF-PD government try to claim that the abolition of student fees has led to a drop in university funding. In the last two years university budgets have been cut by 14%. There has been a jobs freeze in many colleges and a reduction in quality of services and facilities for students.

"Graduate taxes", student loans, or straightforward college fees must be opposed. Students should remain vigilant and be ready to mobilise in their tens of thousands if the government decides to try to implement any of these ideas.

Instead of trying to make students cough up more money for their education the government should introduce a living grant for third level students. Maybe then working class young people might get the chance to go to university.

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