Article from the Oct 2004 edition, Socialist Voice

Residents take on O2

O2 have illegally erected a mobile phone mast disguised in a flue-like structure in Huntstown, Dublin 15. The mast was operating for several months before it was discovered. A phone call to the local council led to the discovery that the council were not aware of any base station and that this installation didn't have planning permission. Obviously the service providers think they can erect these base stations and bypass the planning process: Wrong! 6 million profit per week is made by the mobile phone companies in Ireland. This vested interest is taking precedence over the health of the population.

With the help of Socialist Party Cllr. Ruth Coppinger, a meeting was called and the community who were enraged by O2's deception rallied round and opposed the mast on health grounds. O2 were taken to task and a formal complaint was lodged with Fingal County Council. They refused O2's application for retention of the mast. O2 have since appealed to An Bord Pleannala. A decision is expected in December.

By Pauline Keeley

Oppose Euro25 parking fee

Residents in Balbriggan town centre are gearing up for a battle with Fingal County Council who are proposing to make them pay to park outside their own houses. Residents are being asked to apply for a yearly ticket at 25. A meeting has been organised for the residents, hosted by Socialist Party Councillor Clare Daly to discuss how to actively oppose these changes. Outsiders will have to pay regular parking fees where what is really needed is an improvement in public transport to the town so cars can be left at home altogether.

By Tadhg Kenehan

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