Article from the Sept 2004 edition, Socialist Voice

Gurrane residents target City Hall

RESIDENTS OF Gurranabra-her on Cork's Northside will march on the 27 September meeting of Cork City Council to demand a comprehensive programme of traffic calming measures for their community.

By Anthony Hetherington

Marchers will demand two new sets of traffic lights with pedestrian crossings on the upper and middle sections of Cathedral Rd as well as traffic calming measures on Gurranabraher's residential side-streets.

The march is being organised by the Gurranabraher Traffic Committee who want to step up pressure on City Hall after a year spent lobbying local politicians and Council officials. The march is being fully supported by recently elected Socialist Party councillor Mick Barry, an active member of the campaign committee.

A large attendance of parents and children is expected to march from Gurranabraher down through the Northside to City Hall on the day.

The march will be watched with interest by residents of other communities in Cork affected by the 10-year backlog in Cork City Council's traffic calming programmes.

"The traffic situation here is an accident waiting to happen. Mothers are not prepared to sit back and wait for another tragedy. I am appealing to all the people in the area, especially the women, to get organised and to march with us on 27 September. Let's show City Hall that we're tired of the talk and that we want to see some action now!"

Gurranabraher Traffic Committee member


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