Article from the May 2004 edition, Socialist Voice

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It is an incredible fact that 48,000 applicants are now on the State's housing lists at the end of the biggest economic boom in the history of the State. Politicians debate about whether to model the health service on Boston or Berlin but for ordinary people the service more closely resembles Bangladesh with promises to end hospital waiting lists lying broken in the gutter.

The Government plans the re-introduction of water charges. The rich, on the other hand, receive tax cuts to the tune of 1 billion euro and the AIB is allowed rip customers off to the tune of at least 25 million euro and faces only a slap on the wrist.

Meanwhile, the Government gives the US war machine the use of Shannon Airport as a refuelling pitstop. How many of the torturers we have seen in the newspaper photographs flew through Shannon? The same Government is prepared to play the race card to minimise losses in the upcoming elections.

The Socialist Party believes that the root cause of all these problems is a system which puts the drive for profit above everything else. We stand for ending this capitalist system and replacing it with a democratic, socialist society geared towards satisfying the needs of working class people.

We are standing in these elections to challenge the capitalist establishment and to explain a socialist alternative. When the elections are over our struggle will continue, helping to reclaim the trade union movement for workers' interests and helping to build a fightback in the workplaces and the communities.

We are confident that a fight back by working class people will develop and that we will play a key role in this, as was the case with the Dublin bin tax struggle last year. We aim to play a key role in the establishment of a new, mass party of the working class in this country, open to all who want to struggle to change society. Ultimately, we believe that a mass Socialist Party, linked to a mass movement of working class people, will be necessary to overthrow this system and replace it with a democratic, socialist society.

A democratic, socialist society will bring all major industry under public ownership and democratic control - and use society's wealth to end low pay, hospital and housing waiting lists, second class services, inequality and war forever.

Join us in our struggle.

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