Article from the May 2004 edition, Socialist Voice

Warmonger Bush NOT WELCOME HERE!

THE WORLD's number one terrorist will soon be coming to Ireland! George Bush plans to come here on 25 June, invited by Bertie Ahern and his FF/PD coalition in the South. As his approval ratings plummet, Bush is using this visit to gain support from Irish American voters in an attempt to get a second term in office.

The people of Ireland, North and South, were overwhelmingly opposed to the imperialist invasion of Iraq by British and American forces.

However, Ahern's corrupt Government showed blatant contempt for the wishes of the people, not to mention the convention of Irish neutrality, by allowing US warplanes to refuel in Shannon Airport. Now, they plan to trample over the people once again by inviting this hated warmonger to Ireland for an official state visit!

Bush is responsible for the ever-growing death toll in the warzone that is Iraq. Thousands of ordinary Iraqis have lost their lives in the year of occupation, along with hundreds of troops. The economy and infrastructure lie in ruins. The presence of the occupying forces has caused outrage among the population, leading to growing support for Islamic fundamentalists.

Saddam Hussein's dictatorship has been removed, but this has not brought about the liberation and freedom for the Iraqi people that Bush, Blair and their cohorts claimed it would. A year after the official "end of hostilities", there have still been no elections, largely because they would not produce results suitable to Western capitalism. The planned handover on 30 June will be nothing but a sham, giving power not to the people of Iraq, but to the Iraqi Governing Council, an unelected body which is little more than a puppet for the Western powers.

Shocking evidence has recently emerged showing disgusting abuse of Iraqi prisoners by some British and American troops. These photographs and reports throw light upon the real nature of the occupation of Iraq. PoW's and petty criminals have been cruelly beaten and ritually humiliated. Some have been killed, young boys have been sexually abused and at least one woman has been raped.

The occupation itself and the barbaric actions of some of the troops involved do not represent a "war on terror". They are in fact increasing support for Islamic terrorist groups in the Arab world. If Bush has his way, Iraq will not be the end of his campaign either! There has already been talk about possible aggression towards Syria and other states, based upon ridiculous allegations that they are "hiding" the WMDs that have not been found in Iraq.

When Bush visited Northern Ireland in early 2003, 10,000 came out to protest against him. This time round, it will be even larger. Socialist Youth and Youth Against the War, the campaign that mobilised 15,000 students across the province in the build up to the invasion of Iraq, is organising to oppose Bush during his unwelcome stay in Ireland. We will be arranging transport to Dublin on Friday, 25 June to give him the welcome he deserves! All young people who think that Bush is a threat to the future of our world should join us, and let him know we don't want him here! For more info, contact us on 077 43282321

By Daniel Waldron, Omagh Socialist Youth

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