One of the richest companies in the world Apple is openly exploiting young workers and to make things worse SIPTU is sitting back and allowing them to do so. Many Apple employees are hired on temporary contracts. If you can manage to make it through this contract without been laid off then the company is obliged to take you on as permanent staff with full rights. However Apple has avoided doing this by laying off workers close to the end of their contract only to rehire them soon afterwards at which point you start your temporary period all over again!

Homeless can't afford bribes

The Dublin homelessness action plan 2004-2006 is set to fall six million euro short of the 66 million euro needed to properly combat the problem of homelessness in the city area. The plan aims to focus on transitional and long-term housing and on homeless prevention as well as reducing the number of rough sleepers in Dublin. Focus Ireland claim that this shortfall shows the real lack of commitment to tackle homelessness on the part of the Government. The Minister of State Noel Ahern has made clear that there will not be extra funding given. Fianna Fail's continued neglect of the homeless is in sharp contrast to their years of support to the super wealthy land speculators and property developers. But what would you expect - the homeless can't afford the bribes!

Eircom millionaires

Thousands of ordinary people followed Fianna Fail's advice and bought shares in the Eircom in 1999 - but the majority of them ended up losing money. Now 120 Eircom executives and senior managers are to get their reward for pushing the privatisation of Eircom and its subsequent controversial sale to the billionaires Tony O'Reilly and George Soros. Under a new stock market floatation these executives and senior managers are to get up to 280 million euro between them!

Compiled by Ashling Golden

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