Dublin City Council

Don't put the sticker on your bin!

Dublin City Council have begun to send out letters to all householders requesting them to put "Bin Identification Labels" on their wheelie bins. The Council claims that these stickers are to "enable us to give credit to households for each week the service is not used."

By Diarmuid Naessens

Don't be fooled, these stickers and the plans to place micro-chips in our wheelie bins later this year, are not about reducing your bin tax bill - they are part of the Council's plans to introduce non-collection.

The Council are asking residents to put the paper stickers on their bins before 18 March 2004, yet say that the scheme won't start until 2005. Why are the Council asking people to attach a sticker onto their bins which will be destroyed by the weather nine months before they claim it's needed? There is a bar code on each sticker which could easily be scanned and used for the purpose of identifying non-payers.

Don't put the sticker on your bin - by refusing to co-operate with the Council's plans we can once again hamper their plans for non-collection. The anti-bin tax campaigns should take this as a signal that the Council are planning to implement non-collection in the near future. Getting more local activists involved in the Campaign is made all the more urgent by these new Council stickers.

Non payment figures as of 10 Feb 04

27,500 paid nothing over three years.......... 17%
45,000 in arrears 28%
40,000 received waivers 25%
50,000 fully paid 30%
Obtained from Dublin City Council under the Freedom of Information Act

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