Youth Against Racism

THE RISE of racism and fascism in Northern Ireland over the past number of months has shown that it is now vital for organised resistance against the ideas of the far-right to be established before they are able to gain a foothold in our society.

The need for such resistance has prompted members of Socialist Youth to launch Youth Against Racism, a group of young people who are dedicated in the fight against racist ideas.

By Chris Henry

Over the coming weeks and months, YAR will be visiting schools across Northern Ireland in an attempt to educate pupils about the dangers of racism today, and to ultimately recruit those who wish to join our struggle. We believe that it is absolutely vital to visit schools, as far-right groups such as the White Nationalist Party actively and consciously target teenagers as they believe that younger people can be influenced more easily by their disgusting viewpoints and policies.

YAR will also be sending a petition sheet to every school in Northern Ireland in order to get backing from pupils all across the country.

However, YAR acknowledges that it is not simply enough to petition our politicians; indeed, many of them have been complicit in creating the conditions for racism to thrive. The comments of UUP councillor Fred Crowe who stated that "Christianity is the enemy of the Muslim" were ignorant and racist, and members of the DUP also have made anti-Muslim comments over the past few months. We therefore believe that it is the prerogative of YAR to take action in the communities ourselves and to work with those targeted for racist attacks.

YAR is also affiliated to Youth Against Racism in Europe (YRE). The YRE has branches in England, Belgium and Greece, amongst other countries. Therefore, if you want to be part of an organisation dedicated to stamping out racism not only in our country but worldwide, join Youth Against Racism today!

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This article is from the Feb. 2004 edition of Socialist Voice.

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