UCD Physiotherapy students victory

The dispute arose when third year students due to go on clinical placements in Limerick were told that the hospital would not accept UCD students as the hospital was not been paid by UCD.

By Ois'n Kelly, UCD Education officer

This is a direct result of the Government's ten million euro cut in this year's budget for UCD. Physiotherapy students must complete 1,000 hours of work, which is unpaid, in hospitals to become practicing physiotherapists after graduating.

In reaction to this the third year students voted to go on strike by not going to work in the hospitals. The other students voted to boycott lectures and to join with the third year students in their protest.

As a result of this threatened action the Dean of Medicine gave into all demands. Physiotherapy students will now get travel and living expenses when working outside Dublin and for the first time ever Physiotherapy will now have a budget for clinical placements.

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