Time for change in NIPSA

NIPSA MEMBERS found themselves in a storm of industrial action at the same time the union has carried out an election for the leading body of the union, the General Council. The election campaign was extremely hard fought, the rank and file group in the union Time For Change campaigned to make the union the fighting democratic union that is needed to fight back against management attacks.

TFC activists covered work places across the North with leaflets explaining how the union should develop, these are the same activists who have and are leading the fight against attacks on pay and jobs. Unfortunately they have had to fight the election on two fronts. The old conservative leadership organised in the Retain The Union faction who are entrenched in official positions have been in a position to mobilise big resources to fight the election.

At the same time a group of members in the CSA, influenced by the SWP, have chosen the time of the election and the civil service strike to split from Time for Change and launch their own slate of four people from one branch.

In reality this is a split to the right because the position of this group on the civil service dispute is that branches should not make any criticism of the right wing during the dispute!

The task of building a genuine opposition committed to transforming NIPSA into a fighting democratic union remains. This is the task facing Time for Change during the election and after.

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This article is from the Feb. 2004 edition of Socialist Voice.

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