international day of protest: 20 March 2004

Protest against US occupation

A war of liberation? You must be joking! The only thing liberated in Iraq has been the oil fields and public services. While Bush's big business buddies have made a "killing" from this, an estimated 60,000 Iraqis have literally been killed.

In a scenario more reminiscent of Vietnam, Western forces are becoming increasingly bogged down as US fatalities mount. A growing number of Iraqis are seeing the harsh reality of "liberation" George Bush style. Three out of five Iraqis now live on UN rations, unemployment stands at 60% and malnutrition has doubled from 4% to 8%.

March with Socialist Youth

Those in the media and right wing establishment who claim Iraqis have been liberated

are living on another planet. The facts speak for themselves. This is imperialist occupation not liberation. Socialist Youth calls on all young people to oppose this disgusting colonialism and support the Iraqi people's right to real freedom. Demonstrate with Socialist Youth on 20 March - the international day of opposition to the occupation.

School students oppose occupation

This time last year young people showed their outrage to the war by playing an important role in the massive anti-war movement. Schools students, North and South, were involved in strike action, walkouts and protests in opposition to the invasion. We need to display the same determination in opposing the ongoing occupation. For this reason we are calling on all young people to join us on 20 March.

Join Socialist Youth

Socialist Youth has a played an extremely important role in the anti-war movement since the invasion began a year ago. We have constantly pointed to the fact that it is not enough to oppose the war, but also the system that creates war - capitalism. Instead, we argued for the anti-war movement to pose an alternative to this system - a socialist alternative. Now more than ever a socialist alternative must be built where the resources of the world are owned and controlled by the people of the world and not the warmongers. Join us in this fight

* March with Socialist Youth 20 March

* Set up an organising committee to build for the demo in your school

* Contact Socialist Youth for leaflets, posters and petitions

* Collect a petition opposing the occupation and calling on your school to debate the occupation and Ireland's role in it

* Organise work shops to make banners, placards etc from your school

Contact Socialist Youth phone Matthew @ 087 6684616

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This article is from the Feb. 2004 edition of Socialist Voice. Back issues are available here.