Obituary: Stephen Murray

Stephen Murray, a long time member and supporter of the Socialist Party, died last Autumn after a short illness. He will be sorely missed by all Party members who knew him.

Stephen first became active with Militant (forerunner of the Socialist Party) in the early 1980s. He became a leading member of Militant and then Militant Labour working in our branches in East Belfast and then in North Belfast until he moved to England with his partner, Kate, and children in the mid 90s.

Stephen was fiercely anti sectarian and, in his straightforward, no nonsense manner, proudly and courageously campaigned for socialist ideas.

Originally from the Tullycarnet area of East Belfast, he had worked in the Shipyard, before eventually joining the Post Office. He quickly built a reputation as an activist in the Communication Workers Union. As a rep for the delivery workers he was elected Postal Section Chair of the Northern Ireland No 1 branch of the union.

He was widely respected by postal workers for his role both in fighting management and in shaking up the union to make it more representative of members. Recently, when Socialist Party members intervened in a picket line at the Tomb Street sorting office where Stephen had worked, they were greeted with comments like: "We need Stephen Murray back now" and "If Stephen Murray was here we'd get this sorted out". It is sad that he died without perhaps being fully aware of the huge impact he had made.

Our sympathies go to Kate, Colm, Megan and Ruth.

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