An Post: -3% - no strings attached

FACED WITH threatened non payment of the 3% and up to 1,350 job losses An Post staff are being asked to pay the price for the mismanagement‚ of our postal service resulting in the loss of 77 million euro in the last two years.

By Susan Fitzgerald

John Hynes who presided over the massive losses last year received a 27,000 euro performance-related‚ bonus, some performance! This was on top of his 343,000 euro salary. Compare that to the average wage of a post person who receives 354.12 euro per week or 338.12 euro for a clerk.

A union protest was held at the Dail in January and while this was a positive first step, it achieved little, with only around 70 workers in attendance. The vast majority of workers remained at their desks or carried out their delivery, as directed to do so by the union. Many of those who did attend were angry at the limited nature of the protest.

The main point raised on the day was the payment of the 15% ESOP, one postman told the Socialist Voice "who would fight for 15% shares of nothing, the company is losing money, the real issues here are the 3% and our jobs".

The Union now needs to take decisive action now which involves all postal workers. The Government investment that was promised but never delivered in 1984 now needs to be fought for along with the immediate payment of 3% - no strings attached. There should be no job losses, rather an extension and adequate funding of this essential public service is necessary.

This same Government putting on the poor mouth when it comes to our public services and pay have reduced taxes by hundreds of millions of euro for big business. If they go ahead with their plans it would represent an outrageous attack not just on jobs and conditions but on an essential service.

This is a Government hell bent on keeping wages in the public sector as low as they can get away with. This fight is for decent pay and conditions but also for adequately funded public services and against privatisation.

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This article is from the Feb. 2004 edition of Socialist Voice. Back issues are available here.