Out of sight, out of mind?

Dublin City Council has attempted to show the city's best image to visiting EU dignitaries by keeping traveller halting sites between the airport and the city centre hidden from view. Five sites around the key routes have been surrounded with green mesh fencing at a cost of thousands of euro. The traveller families were surprised to see this because, only weeks earlier the Council had told them it had no money to carry out maintenance and repairs on the sites. In reality what is really been hidden here is the evidence of the Government's pure neglect of Ireland's travelling community.

Michael O'Leary state subsidised!

In a bad week for Ryanair the EU has ordered them to repay four million euro in "state aid" it received from Charleroi Airport. The exposure of Ryanair as a "state subsidised" business must be particularly galling for Michael O'Leary who never shuts up about public funding for his state owned rivals. Scandalously Seamus Brennan supported Ryanair's right to this subsidy, but it's not suprising when he is the minister who wants to privatise our public transport system and hand it over to anti-union profiteers like O'Leary.

Ryanair is to levy 70 cent a flight on all customers. The decision to add the levy comes after a London court ruled that the airline acted illegally in charging a disabled passenger 32.60 euro for the use of a wheelchair. Ryanair is the only European airline that charges for such facilities. The company would have to provide a wheelchair service to an un-realistic 650,000 passengers each year to justify the charge.

E - Voting

Martin Cullen has announced that all future elections will take place by electronic voting. But can we trust these politicians who have been exposed as liars and cheats with our votes?

"History has shown that when people have the opportunity to tamper with an election they do." - Computer scientist Avi Ruben on e-voting, Washington Post 22 January 2004.

Compiled by Ashling Golden

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