Contents of the July 2003 edition, Socialist Voice


There's been a few delays in adding this months articles - a combination of holidays, and the Socialist Youth camp taking up our time - but the articles are now online.

Socialist Party, 25th July 2003.

Latest on the dispute at Belfast airport Update on the Bin Charges campaign Clondalkin
Community Employment scheme The Joe Higgins column - Iraq and Bins
Iraq:- Bush's Vietnam. Splits in the Ulster Unionist Party Stop racism in Northern Ireland
Strikes in Iran Northern Ireland: Can sectarian politics be challenged?
School space problems Trade Union news Southern Trade Union news
World Economic Forum Nipsa dispute in Strangford College Soc Party plans for the 2004 Local Gov. elecions
Dispute between planners and historic Coleraine site Land speculation at Belfast shipyard 2 reports on the anti-water charges campaign in NI
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