"we're voting Socialist Party"

Gordon McNeill, Madan Gupta and Chris Boyer - Sacked airport shop stewards

"During our dispute with Belfast International Airport, and in the difficulties we had with our union officials, the people who helped us most were the Socialist Party and the Fire Brigades Union. We are absolutely confident that Jim Barbour and Tommy Black will fight to defend the interests of workers, especially people like ourselves who were in low paid jobs. We have no hesitation is asking people to vote for them."

Barbara Thompson Domiciliary worker East Belfast.

"I don't trust a word the politicians from the major parties say about water charges. They are against them in the election, but they were going to bring them in when they were in office. There is no way I am going to pay 400 water charges. Nor I am going to have a meter and have to ration the amount of water my family use. The Socialist Party candidates are the only ones who are advocating a non payment campaign to defeat these charges."

Carmel Gates - President NIPSA (Personal Capacity) "Tony Blair says he has no money to improve our services but when it came to waging war against Iraq he had money to burn. The war and occupation will cost over the British government 5 billion and the estimates are rising as the situation in Iraq deteriorates. Jim Barbour and Tommy Black's answer to Blair and to the local parties who supported this war is that the money should be spent on services not war"

Chris Henry First year student QUB.

"I believe Socialist Party MLAs will provide the only genuine opposition to the proposed "top-up fees" in Northern Ireland. The sectarian parties claim to be on the side of students, but their right-wing agendas will have no place for any real opposition to such plans. Students should vote for the Socialist Party candidates as they will genuinely fight on this issue."

Tony Maguire - Regional Secretary Fire Brigades Union

"Firefighters are very angry with the attempt by the employers and politicians to go back on the pay settlement reached at the end of our dispute. We feel that John Prescott has betrayed us. We need to have political representatives like Jim Barbour and Tommy Black who will defend public services and the pay and conditions of those who work in them."

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