Depot blockaded on Davitt Road

A story of solidarity

AFTER THREE weeks of chasing bin trucks, organising local solidarity actions and attending marches in support of the jailed bin tax protesters, activists from the Liberties area organised a blockade of Dublin City's bin truck depot on Davitt Road.

By Katia Hancke

Early in the morning on Wednesday 8 October, a group of anti bin tax protesters put a picket on the depot. Bin workers came and pledged their support for the protest. They agreed with us on two things. Firstly, this tax is only the thin end of the wedge and is a preparation for privatisation of the service. Secondly, the High Court injunction against the campaign is outrageous and sets a very dangerous precedent, effectively threatening the right to protest.

The gardai were called by Council management. Threatening to arrest the protesters (under the traffic act - for walking in a circle on the foot path?!), eight gardai moved in heavy handedly and made way for the bin trucks. Outraged by the behaviour of the gardai, the bin workers refused to move any trucks. As a result of their stance, nobody was arrested and the gardai were forced to leave with their tail between their legs. The blockade continued.

The solidarity between anti bin tax activists and bin workers showed how the council AND the law can be defeated - the more people are willing to participate, the stronger the blockade is. A powerful statement was sent out: this campaign will continue until the Council is forced to listen - we'll be back and there will be even more of us! Stop non-collection, scrap the bin tax and invest in our public services!

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