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"We call on everyone who wants to fight this corrupt capitalist government to join the real opposition and join the Socialist Party today"

Joe Higgins TD and Cllr. Clare Daly, imprisoned for campaigning against the bin tax, Sept. 03

The decision of a High Court judge to jail another 10 anti-bin tax campaigners represents the most serious attack on the right to protest seen in this state in a generation.

By Mick Barry

Five of the ten people jailed are mothers. Two of these women are grandmothers. In times like these not being "political" is a luxury you can't afford.

The Government, the councils, the laws and the judges are all part of one political system which is stacked against working class people. If we are going to fight this system we need to be "political" - and the best political banner for working class people to fight under is the banner of the Socialist Party. It is no accident that the one political party which is clearly on the rise as a result of the bin tax struggle is the Socialist Party.

The interests of the Socialist Party and the interests of the working class are totally and utterly entwined. When the working class people rise up to fight back the Socialist Party is lifted up.

The role of the Socialist Party in the anti-bin tax campaign is clearly shown by the Fingal campaign, where the Socialist Party influence is strongest. Here, the militant tactics of truck blockades and defiance of court intimidation as shown by our reps Joe Higgins TD and Cllr Clare Daly, has provided an example for the entire movement.

The Socialist Party is not a one-issue party. We want the bin tax campaign to be just the start of a fightback on all the issues that affect working class people - cuts, rising prices, jobs, union rights, housing, etc.

Not only do we want an end to this right-wing Fianna Fail/PD Government, we want an end to the whole system which puts profit before people in the interests of big business and the rich.

We want to replace it with a socialist society where all the major wealth and industry is publicly owned and democratically controlled by the working class and used to end poverty, hospital waiting lists, housing lists and all the other crimes of capitalism.

If you agree with the gist of what we're saying, you should seriously consider joining our Party. Can you afford not to be "political" in days like these?

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