ATGWU: right wing regional secretary imposed

Socialist Voice June 2003

Brendan Hodges was appointed as the new Irish Regional Secretary of the TGWU at a meeting of the union's Executive Committee on 5 June. The Executive voted by 18 - 15 to appoint Hodges, a supporter of the current right wing general secretary Bill Morris.

The appointment of Hodges at this time is clearly a manoeuvre by the right wing of the union to prevent the incoming General Secretary Tony Woodley fulfilling his election promise of re-appointing Mick O'Reilly. This follows the decision to appoint another right winger to Eugene McGlone's former position as Regional Organiser.

Broad left candidate Tony Woodley won the TGWU general secretary election only days before the Irish regional secretary post was filled. The results were: Tony Woodley, 66,958, Jack Dromey, 45,136, Campfield, 28,346 and in last place came the scab who Bill Morris appointed as temporary Irish regional secretary to replace the sacked Mick O'Reilly, Jimmy Elsby ,13,336.

Tony Woodley's election result was a mandate for the re-appointment of Mick O'Reilly. The CEC decision is a right wing coup and a campaign must be launched to reverse it.

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