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Socialist View is the theoretical journal of the Socialist Party. Under its former name of "Socialism 2000" we produced 6 issues of the journal. As we get time some of the principal articles will be added to the site.

Socialist View, No. 10, Spring 2003, went to press on Tuesday 11th February, a few days BEFORE the Day of Global protest against the Imperialist War on Iraq.
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Peter Hadden No War for Oil
A Global Anti-War Movementby Michael O'Brien
Cut Backs and Privatisation:
The Irish Government's New Offensive
by Kevin McLoughlin.
Developments in Latin America

Lessons from the Vietnam war for the anti-war movement today by Ciaran Mulholland. This is a longer version than the printed one, the printed version had to be edited for space but it is now available.
Israel/Palestine – Likud’s victory sharpens struggle, by Ariel Gottlieb of the Israeli CWI
C Mulholland N.Ireland: Government’s scramble to save the peace process
Reviews A Review of 2 books on war War Plan Iraq by Milan Rai
Reviewed by Katia Hancke along with
War on Iraq by Scott Ritter and William Rivers Pitt. Reviewed by Alan Lee.
The history of the Troubles (according to my da) by Martin Lynch. Reviewed by Colin Devine.

The latest issue,No 9, Summer 2001, carries the following articles:

Where is Sinn Fein going? Sinn Fein's electoral grouth North and South. Articles by Ciaran Mulholland and Kevin McLoughlin.
Trade Unions in Britain and Ireland. Taking on the Right Wing, by Stephen Boyd.
Middle East on a knife edge. An eyewitness account of the situation by Peter Hadden.
Irish government defeated on Nice Treaty, by Robert Connolly.
Anti-capitalism - lessons of gotenburg, prospects for Genoa and beyond by Katia Hancke.
World Economy slides into recession by Tom Crean.


Bread and Roses, Ken Loach's new movie, by Orla Drohan.
Peadar O'Donnell, by Donal O Drisceoil, a review by Anton McCabe.

Socialist View
No. 8 Spring 2001
Peace Process Under Strain By Ciaran Mulholland
Water Charges Struggle: The Lessons for Today by Kevin McLoughlin
O'Donoghue Steps up Deportations by Matthew Waine
NIPSA Term Time Workers: Victory Achieved at Last! by Brian Booth
NIPSA Elections 2001: A Victory for the Left by Padraig Mulholland
Blood For Oil: Ten Years After the Gulf War by Michael O'Brien
Where Now for the Anti-Globalisation Movement? by Robert Connolly
Review of The Buru Quartet written by Pramoedya Ananta Toer Reviewed by Anton McCabe
New Labour in Power Did Things Get Any Better? by Ciaran Mulholland

Summer 2000

Ireland & Britain Political Turning Point

Ahern's government in terminal crisis - People looking for an alternative

Northern Ireland — the state of the unions

New Labour under siege

Latin America — Revolts Against Globalisation


Spring 2000

Marxism at the Millennium

Peace Process in Crisis

Revolt Brews in the ‘Celtic Tiger’

1969 Cabinet Papers

Fascists and Free Speech


Autumn 1999

Ansbacher the final straw for workers in the ‘Celtic Tiger’?

Mitchel Review — Can the Peace Process last?

A New Agenda for the Unions

The UN and East Timor

In Dublin and Censorship — who's watching the watchers?


Spring 1999

Capitalism and Corruption - made for each other!

GM Foods and Corporate Greed

The NHS — Whose Health Service?

Abortion Hypocrisy

Peace Process One Year On

International Women's Day


Autumn 1998

The End of the ‘Long War’?

International Capitalism's Economic and Social Crisis

Deportations — the brutal side of state racism


May 1998

Will the Agreement Bring Peace?

Socialists and Articles 2 & 3

International Workers' Struggles
1998 CWI May Day Statement

Amsterdam Treaty — No to Fortress Europe

Fighting Racism in Ireland


January 1998 £1



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