Debate: Taiwan and the right to self determination

Published on 15/07/05 at 10:59:16 CET by

What attitude should Marxists adopt to the national question in Taiwan? We received the following letter from one "Mikawasima/Asian Trotsky" disagreeing with the article China and Taiwan: Reuinification or confrontation? (chinaworker 15 May 2005). Here is a reply by Laurence Coates. While the author's name and political affiliation are not given (perhaps for reasons of security) we welcome this opportunity to discuss the issues raised and look again at the Marxist approach to the national question. Here is the letter in full:

I am disappointed with the content of [the article China and Taiwan: Reunification or confrontation?]. This article is dreadful and anti-Marxist.

"Socialists of course stand for the right of self-determination for the Taiwanese people."

What a joke! Are you "of course" in favour of the right of self-determination for the Ulster Unionists, Zionists and South African Whites? I am very interested.

They are against reunification because their living standards are higher than those of the mainland. Their "self-determination" has no progressive content for which socialists can stand. You must decisively break with the AWL-style colonialist "socialism" in order gain support from the Chinese working class.

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