Youth against the War circular, 7th March 2003

Derry Anti-War March

Saturday 8th March Derry Youth Against the War will march as a contingent in the anti-war march on Saturday 8th. We will be meeting up at 1pm at Cafe Nervosa, Magazine St. for a brief meeting and to organise our contingent. We will have a big banner that will take up the bulk of the street.

The march will take off from the Waterside Health Centre @ 2pm and make it's way into the Guildhall.

Everybody should insist that YAW has a speaker on the demo, especially after hundreds of school students took part in our walk-outs during the week!

Contact on the day - Brendan 0779346661

Plans are also underway to organise a Derry Youth Against the War co-ordinating meeting next Tuesday after school, details will be announced shortly.


Wednesdays excellent demo in Newry is a credit to the YAW activists and the Trojan work that was put in to organising it.

This Saturday there will be no meeting, so people can catch their breath. However, it may be necessary to have a meeting after school during the week - war could be any day!

Ring Gary on 90232962 for further details


Fermanagh Youth Against the War will formally be established next Wednesday March 12th @ 3.45pm in Enniskillen Library.

Enniskillen was no exception hundreds of young people walked out to show in a determined way their disgust at the planned war on Iraq. Youth Against the War will now be establishing an official campaign in the area to build the movement and organise for Day X. We want all students to walkout on strike the next full school day after the war breaks out and hold rallies in town centres. Make sure you come along to this important meeting.


Youth Against the War will now meet every Tuesday @ 7pm at the Bridewell Centre, Broad St, Magherafelt


Already schools have been suspending people from Wednesday. We now need to get a full list of everyone who has been attacked by the schools. This is vital work, so please make sure to e-mail me with details. There will be a press release and a strategy outlined in the next few days which is needed to put huge pressure on the schools to withdraw all threats and even an apology from schools which manhandled pupils and/or blocked entrances.

News coverage

If any local papers report the demonstrations, please send copies into our office.

Keep in touch

Gary Mulcahy, Regional Organiser Youth Against the War

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