Pupils stage anti-war rallies

School children opposed to war with Iraq have been holding a series of anti-war rallies across Northern Ireland.

The pupils said some principals had threatened them with disciplinary action and even expulsion, if they left school to attend the protests on Wednesday.

A spokesperson for the Youth Against The War group said it expected thousands of school children to attend the rallies.

Some protests have been held at school gates while others have attended lunchtime town centre rallies in Newry, County Down and Omagh in County Tyrone.

The pupils called on teachers and trade unions to support their rallies.

Reported by the BBC website, 1.30 pm.

Update: 7pm

On the evening tv news it showed film of protests in Newry and Omagh and North Belfast. The BBC said 400 in Newry, 200 in Omagh. Other protests shown on Ulster Television included ones in Derry. That station also mentioned the Coleraine protest at 4pm.

News has been received that there were also protests and walkouts at two schools in Ballynahinch.

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