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Pakistan - Campaign against Domestic Violence in the Socialist Sept. 2006
Aideen McMullen stands for Queens University Women's Officer in Elections From the May 05 edition of Socialist Voice

Commemorate and Celebrate
International Women's Day

The CWI issued an IWD statement to mark the festival, 2 March 2005.

Vera Drake

Directed by Mike Leigh

AFTER SEEING a Mike Leigh production you generally feel like putting your head in the oven. But this film makes you feel angry as well.

Karima, added 15/1/05

Read more here.

Pakistan:- 3 November 2004

Musharraf’s hypocrisy won’t end violence to women
National Assembly in Pakistan passes a Bill on 'honour killings'.

Rukshana Manzoor, Socialist Movement Pakistan

It declares that anyone committing such a crime will be guilty of “intentional murder”. The government says that this Bill is an historic step forward in eliminating crimes against women. But the reality is completely different.Read the rest of this article here.

Joe Higgins opposes deportations of refugee
Leaders' Questions, Dáil Éireann, 12th October 2004

Joe Higgins I want to raise a number of issues concerning people originating from outside the European Union now seeking refuge and shelter in this State on humanitarian grounds.Read more here.

Eleanor Marx
Will Thorne of the Gasworkers' Union, writing in 1925 about Eleanor Marx's suicide on 31 March 1898 said: "But for this tragedy, I believe Eleanor would have still been living and would have been a greater women's leader than the greatest of contemporary women." Read more here.

The Prostitution Debate - The Socialist, 18th Sept.2004
THE CONTROVERSIAL Tolerance Zones (Scotland) Bill and the British government's consultation document on prostitution, Paying the Price, have sparked a real debate about how to deal with the issue of prostitution.
The following is an edited version of an article by Sinead Daly which first appeared in International Socialist, the paper of CWI members in Scotland.Read more here.
Eleanor Donne's response from The Socialist Sept. 25th
Rodger Bannister's piece from The Socialist Sept. 25th

Eating Disorders

Symptoms of a Sick Culture

By Jessica Johnston Justice, paper of the CWI in the USA, No. 40, Sept -Oct. 2004

"There's nothing wrong with me the way I am. However, when I look in the mirror I see a FAT girl named Jennifer. Not ever good enough or right enough or pretty enough." ( That's how one anorexia victim described herself. Read the rest of this article here.

Rosa Luxemburg: A life inspired
Rosa Luxemburg was born in Poland, 1871 - the year of the Paris Commune. In her short lifetime she experienced three major revolutions and participated in the most important debates amongst socialists internationally.Read more here.

International Women’s Day Statement – March 8th 2004

Below is an International Women’s Day statement by Carmel Gates, Socialist Party member, Time For Change activist in Nipsa and the unions elected President.

It was in the USA that the first International Women’s Day protest demonstration happened, organised in 1857 by female textile workers in New York. That protest was part of an ongoing struggle for pay, trade union rights and equality for women workers.

Since 1857 it is on 8 March every year that, across the world, activists in the workers’ movement remember all women who have fought to transform their conditions and the class-ridden society around them. Read more here...

Committee for a Workers' International (CWI) statement:

Women against War and Capitalism - International Women's Day 2004

The day of international working women's solidarity - 8 March - is celebrated this year just days before the first anniversary of imperialism's attack on Iraq. A relatively short "war" pursued against the background of mass opposition world-wide has given way to a "peace" shaken daily by new clashes, as occupying forces and collaborating Iraqis come under fire. Read more here...

2nd Statement: Women: - Why socialists should oppose the ban of the hijab.
CWI Statement, issued March 6th 2004.

PDF version of the IWD 2004, CWI statement

Life and Times of Eleanor Marx

Review by Norma Prenderville of Eleanor Marx, Vol.'s 1 and 2, by Yvonne Kapp in Militant Irish Monthly, June 1985

The story of Eleanor Marx deserves to be widely known. It is the moving story of a strong minded, courageous and independent woman who devoted her talents ad energies, throughout her life, to the socialist cause.Read the rest here...

The Belfast Linen strike of 1911

Reprinted from the 1983 pamphlet, Ireland - Socialist Reprints
Conditions for working class people in the Belfast of 1911 were horrendous. Wages were low, lower even than in Britain. Only Dublin workers were paid less. Work was scare and unsecured. Malnutrition was widespread and serious illness and disease rampant in the working class districts. Read about this struggle by women workers.

Markievicz - an inspiring woman

Diana Norma's book - Terrible Beauty A life of Constance Markievicz reviewed by Ruth Coppinger in Militant, September 1988
Only two people spoke in the entire debate on the Treaty which confirmed Partition in 1922, on behalf of the Irish working class. One was Liam Mellowes, the other was Constance Markievicz. Read the rest of Ruth's book review of this.

Irish Women Workers Union: 75 Years of Struggle

Review of These Obstreperous Lassies - A history of the Irish Women Workers Union, written by Mary Jones, published by Gill and Macmillan, 1988. Reviewed by FBWU Jacobs . [At the time of this review the supporters of Militant were being witch-hunted in the Irish Labour Party, so some pseudonyms were used.]
This book is a history of the Irish Women Workers Union (IWWU) during the 75 years of the union's existence from 1911 its amalgamation with the Federated Workers Union of Ireland (FWUI).

Scottish nursery nurses all out over pay
IN WHAT could turn out to be a landmark dispute, 5,000 nursery nurses (nursery classroom assistants) across Scotland have been on all out strike since the beginning of May. Read more here from the April ‘04 Socialist Voice
Crèche workers win victory: STAFF IN Queens Student Crèches in College Gardens and Rugby Road took on the University Management and won their dispute for better pay. Read more here from the Feb. 04 Socialist Voice...
Women In The Miners Strike - "You've Got To Understand You're At War" WOMEN PLAYED a vital role in the NUM strike.

For socialism and women's liberation: CHRISTINE THOMAS, in Socialism Today, April 2003, writes on Alexandra Kolantai.
(Dec/02) Nigeria: Exploitation & Poverty Behind 'Miss World' Riots
A century of women By Sheila Rowbotham
1999, Penguin, £11-99 Reviewed by Clare Wilkins Socialism Today No. 41, Sept. 1999
NIPSA Term Time Workers: Victory Achieved at Last! by Brian Booth Socialist View, No. 8 Spring 2001