The CWI and the Socialist Party in England have issued 2 documents on the latest stages of this imperialist war. Written on the 8th and 9th of April these are probably already showing signs of being dated, but they are important to read as they show how Marxists are reading these events. The military war MAY be drawing to an end, but the political opposition to imperialism and capitalism MUST continue.


Thursday 10 April 2003

Stop the war in Iraq: The endgame

THE WAR on Iraq has entered its end stage. Overwhelming US military might has broken the back of Iraqi military resistance on the ground. Despite a determined fightback by a number of Iraqi militias and armed forces, given the huge weight of US technologically advanced weaponry and the narrow base of the Saddam regime, this outcome has always been the most likely one once the war had begun.
Editorial from The Socialist Wednesday 9 April 2003


CWI comment and analysis:
The bloody occupation of Iraq: Triumph of the US Empire?

The military assault on Iraq by US and British imperialism is now reaching its ‘end game’. At the time of writing the Iraqi regime is in the process of disintegration. This military ‘triumph’ of Bush and Blair is not unexpected, given the massive military superiority of US and British forces. It has followed weeks of unprecedented aerial bombardment.


War and ‘reconstruction’ The lessons of the Balkans, Timor and Afghanistan
Following its bloody conquest of Iraq, the US administration is now attempting to impose a ‘reconstruction’ plan on the broken country. But what does this mean for the working people of Iraq? Will they at last have democratic rights, real control over the oil resources and an end to poverty? Niall Mulholland of the CWI, looks at other examples of ‘nation building’ since the end of the Cold War.

Pamphlet by the Socialist Party in England/Wales.

This is a 16 page pamphlet produced in the last few days, just before the Imperialist war started. Well worth reading. No to War: The Socialist Alternative


International reports of the Day X protests.
The CWI has started to collect statements from the 36 national groups it has around the world, giving some details of the anti-war movement on Thursday 20th March

Other reports

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