Press release: Wednesday 12 March
Stop the War Coalition (NI)

Stop the War rally announcements

The Stop the War Coalition (NI) has announced plans for Northern Ireland's biggest ever anti-war rally.
The organisers of last month’s massive Belfast peace march and rally have said that they expect to bring Belfast City centre and other towns across Northern Ireland to a virtual standstill in the days following the start of a US/UK-led war on Iraq.
There will be a lunchtime 'silent protest' in city/town centres across Northern Ireland at 1.00pm on the day after military action against Iraq starts.
The Stop the War Coalition is asking people to assemble in their town centre to mark their opposition to war; in Belfast the location will be at Belfast City Hall. These protests will be co-ordinated by local trades councils.
This will be followed by a massive demonstration on the Saturday following military action and will follow the same format as the event held in Belfast on February 15th when tens of thousands of local people joined many millions around the world in showing their opposition to the war.
Marchers will gather at Belfast's Art College from 2pm, before marching to the front of Belfast City Hall where a rally will be staged from 3pm.
Peter Bunting, Assistant General Secretary of the Irish Congress of Trade Unions states:
“We remain committed to stopping any war on Iraq. It is unnecessary, immoral and quite likely to be illegal under international law. In the event of the war starting, we plan to demonstrate massive opposition.
"We were overwhelmed with the level of support for the last Stop the War march and rally in Belfast. Since then, we have been inundated with messages of support from right across the community in Northern Ireland. All that we can say is that we expect the turn-out next time to be big, very big. Ordinary people don't want this war and will not have it waged in their name."

The Stop the War Coalition (NI) is co-ordinated by the Northern Ireland Committee of the ICTU. The Coalition has the support of a wide range of individuals, organisations and trade unions.
Peter Bunting, Assistant General Secretary, ICTU T: 028 9024 7940 M: 07740 180869
Alisa Keane, Development Education Officer, ICTU T: 028 9024 7940 M: 07789 208809