U.S. Sees Evidence of Overcharging in Iraq Contract

New York Times December 12, 2003 By DOUGLAS JEHL
WASHINGTON, Dec. 11 — A Pentagon investigation has found evidence that a subsidiary of the politically connected Halliburton Company (Vice President Dick Cheney was chief executive) overcharged the government by as much as $61 million for fuel delivered to Iraq under huge no-bid reconstruction contracts, senior military officials said Thursday. The subsidiary, Kellogg, Brown & Root, also submitted a proposal for cafeteria services that seemed to be inflated by $67 million, the officials said. The Pentagon rejected that proposal, they said. Read more…..

CWI statement (17/12/3) on the likely developments following the capture of Saddam

Saddam’s capture will not end Iraq turmoil : “The killing or capturing of Saddam Hussein will have an impact on the violence, but will not end it,” General Sanchez, US military commander in Iraq, New York Times, 7 December 2003. Read more here....