Firefighters' Union support for Youth Against the War
Teachers Union instructing its members not to detain pupils against their wishes

We have received a message of support from the FBU (Fire Brigades Union, who represent firefighters) as can be seen below. The FBU has come out very publicly against war on Iraq. They have also confirmed that the locking of school gates and doors when students are within the school grounds is illegal, as it breaks Health & Safety legislation. Any more cases of schools locking gates and doors should be reported, and this should be made clear to senior staff.
Also, the Irish National Teachers Organisation, which is a teachers union and has an estimated 2,500 members working in secondary and grammar schools, has issued an instruction to all its members not to prevent school students from walking out. The I.N.T.O has also come out against a war without UN backing. For us it doesn't make any difference if the UN backs the war or not, it will still be an unjust war for oil.
I will send out copies of leaflets and posters soon for Day X - it could be any day now so make sure to get in touch about receiving material.
Gary Mulcahy,
Regional Organiser, Youth Against the War 90232962

Statement by the FBU

To: Youth Against the War
The Fire Brigades Union Region 2 Northern Ireland sends fraternal greetings to Youth Against the War. We recently had a speaker at one of your events in Coleraine. He was impressed by both the turn out and the enthusiasm of those attending. Be assured of our continued support for Youth Against the War and its campaigns.
Yours Fraternally,
Jim Quinn
Regional Chair
Fire Brigades Union
Northern Ireland
YaW statement issued, 13th March 2003