This page will draw together a number of reports of the work of Socialist Party members in the unions. It will also publicise workers in struggle, or events relevant to any trade union activist in Northern Ireland.

Updated 26th Sept. 2007

Recent industrial reports

Classroom Assistants strike, Sept. 26th. 2007

The mainly female Classroom Assistants in Northern Ireland were involved in industrial action today. This dispute has been brought about by the governments refusal to pay them a decent pay and has literally dragged on for 12 years! Read the leaflet distributed by the Socialist Party at picket lines and at the rally in Belfast city centre.

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Belfast Postal Workers enter 2nd week of Unofficial Strike

As we go to press, hundreds of postal workers remain on unofficial strike in Belfast and Mallusk against bullying and harassment from Royal Mail management.
By Gary Mulcahy, Socialist Party Belfast, Feb. 8th 2006 Read the rest of this piece here.


[Text of the leaflet issued by SP members in Belfast and at the Mallusk post office depots. Added online, Feb. 7th 2006 , SP. ]

Hundreds of postal workers have been forced to stage a walk-out and remain on strike against bullying by Royal Mail management. Read the rest of the leaflet here.

Roches Stores staff replaced by cheap labour By Anthony Hetherington From the Nov-Dec 05 issue of the Socialist.
For international trade union action to STOP SLAVE LABOUR at Irish Ferries From the Nov-Dec 05 issue of the Socialist.
Firefighters say: Hands off our pensions By Tony Maguire, N.I. Regional Secretary, FBU From the Nov-Dec 05 issue of the Socialist.
Doyle Concrete / Steelite "We've crossed the point of no return" From the Nov-Dec 05 issue of the Socialist.
Cork strikers threatened with jail By Councillor Mick Barry From the Nov-Dec 05 issue of the Socialist.
Classroom assistants will need to strike again by By Padraig Mulholland, NIPSA Branch 517 From the Nov-Dec 05 issue of the Socialist.
Civil Service Pay Dispute - by Carmel Gates. From the Nov-Dec 05 issue of the Socialist.
Britain & Ireland Workers move into action - Fight neo-liberalism - defend workers' rights From the Nov-Dec 05 issue of the Socialist.
SAVE OUR POSTAL SERVICE By Stephen Boyd From the Nov-Dec 05 issue of the Socialist.
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Workplace news - Butchers, Nursing home workers, Irish Ferries, An Post. From the Socialist, August 2005.

News from the civil service, education workers and the Left in the FBU From the Socialist, August 2005.

Socialist Party leaflet distributed to striking education workers
15th June 2005

Support the Classroom Assistants

Classroom Assistants have been left with no option but to take strike action. Management are attempting to alter the terms of the job evaluation exercise to make sure that it is as detrimental as possible to classroom assistants. Read the rest of this leaflet.

Belfast Telegraph Top union urges water tax boycott

Non-payment 'only way' to beat charges

By David Gordon, 03 June 2005

The "tap tax" battle reached a new level today, after Northern Ireland's largest trade union backed plans for a massive non- payment campaign across the province. Read this report from the FRONT PAGE of the biggest selling paper in NI, Friday's jobs edition, of the Telegraph.

Press Release - 1/6/05 - by Carmel Gates, President of NIPSA, one of Northern Ireland's largest unions.

NIPSA President calls for new political alternative

NIPSA President Carmel Gates, in her Presidential address to the union's annual conference in Newcastle, laid down a challenge to the trade union movement to "face up to its responsibility to provide working class people with a political alternative based on trade union and socialist policies." Read the rest of here press release.

Articles from the April and May editions of the Socialist

Left victory in FBU general secretary election From the May 05 edition of Socialist Voice
Fighting leadership needed for NIPSA From the May 05 edition of Socialist Voice by Carmel Gates
NIPSA - Billy Lynn for president From the May 05 edition of Socialist Voice
Waterford Crystal 500 job cuts From the May 05 edition of Socialist Voice - Dungarvan to lose "jewel in the crown" - by Matt Waine
CPSU conference - Management's "partnership" scam exposed From the May 05 edition of Socialist Voice - by Terry Kelleher, CPSU Trustee
Partnership" swindle From the May 05 edition of Socialist Voice - by Michael O'Brien
Dublin Airport - FF/PDs step up aviation privatisation plan From the May 05 edition of Socialist Voice
by Councillor Clare Daly
Hunger strike wins concessions From the May 05 edition of Socialist Voice - 3 men demand that their union, the T&GWU launch an inquiry into its handling of their dispute.
By Peter Hadden Pensions From the April 05 edition of Socialist Voice
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LUAS From the April 05 edition of Socialist Voice
Bank of Ireland From the April 05 edition of Socialist Voice
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Articles from the Feb 2005 edition, the Socialist

Irish industrial reports.
Belfast strikers win court victory.
NIPSA - latest developments in disputes and union elections.

Articles from the Jan 2005 edition, the Socialist

Sacked airport workers' tribunal: Employers & union officials in the dock
by Peter Hadden
AFTER A long delay, the sacked airport security workers finally were able to have their case against their employer, ICTS, heard at an Industrial Tribunal at the end of last year.
Dublin Airport: SIPTU support privatisation! by Michael O'Brien
Proper funding for Education
by Brian Booth, NIPSA Branch 517 South Eastern Education & Library Board
No library closures
By Jim Rutherdale, NIPSA worker in the BELB
LIBRARIES THAT serve working class communities in Belfast face closure.
Nipsa General Council Elections:- VOTE "Time For Change"
by Carmel Gates

Articles from the Nov 2004 edition, the Socialist

Aer Lingus - stalemate continues
WITH THE passing of the deadline for applications for voluntary redundancy in mid October, the situation in Aer Lingus has entered a new phase. The company sought 1325 redundancies, based on a plan for eliminating a number of departments and outsourcing functions in others.
by Councillor Clare Daly From the Nov. 2004 edition of Socialist, the new paper of the SP.

"A garda ordered us off the roof and we refused" On 2 November three carpenters occupied a 200ft tower crane in Dublin for 30 hours in an attempt to save their jobs. Two of the protesters DAN O'CONNELL and DAN O'CONNELL SENIOR spoke to The Socialist From the Nov. 2004 edition of Socialist, the new paper of the SP

200,000 civil servants strike to save jobs in first all-civil service strike since 1993
OVER 200,000 civil servants across Britain went on strike on 5 November, against the government's threat to 104,000 jobs and attacks on pensions, pay and sick leave.

This was the first all-civil service strike since 1993 and a resounding response to these attacks. From the Nov. 2004 edition of Socialist, the new paper of the SP

Socialist to run for UNISON General Secretary
ROGER BANNISTER, member of our sister organisation, the Socialist Party in England, is running for the position of UNISON general secretary. From the Nov. 2004 edition of Socialist, the new paper of the SP

Articles from the Sept 2004 edition, Socialist Voice

Stop the pillage of Aer Lingus
This article is from the Sept. 2004 edition, Socialist Voice AER LINGUS Chief Executive Willie Walsh announces a three-year plan involving the axing of 1,325 jobs from the national airline just weeks after he and his management team stated their wish to buy the company. He should have been immediately removed from his position because of a clear conflict of interest - the fact that he wasn't means he was acting with the knowledge and support of the government. By Councillor Clare Daly and Susan Henry.

Aer Lingus - NO JOB CUTS!
This article is from the Sept. 2004 edition, Socialist Voice AER LINGUS is being prepared for the auctioneer's hammer. Management and the government are conspiring to sack workers, outsource its core areas and ditch its international alliances to turn it into a low fares airline for privatisation. By Stephen Boyd
Urgent action to save postal service
This article is from the Sept. 2004 edition, Socialist Voice
AS PART of the new plan to "save" An Post, SDS, the parcel service, is to be closed with the loss of 274 jobs. Staff members learned about these job cuts through the media. The main trade union involved, the CWU, has so far only offered verbal opposition to the closure and complained to the partnership body, the National Implemen-tation Body. However staff at SDS are very angry and feel betrayed by the company.
By Terry Kelleher Trustee CPSU
Brinks Allied - Workers lives on the line
This article is from the Sept. 2004 edition, Socialist Voice
AFTER BEING locked out by management for three weeks, security workers at Brinks Allied went on strike on 23 August.
Civil Service Dispute all out to win!
This article is from the Sept. 2004 edition, Socialist Voice
THE CIVIL Service pay dispute has reached a critical stage. The government is offering no pay increase for 2003 and only a miserable increase for 2004. NIPSA have rejected this and are recommending that members vote for an all out indefinite strike.
By Paul Dale, Civil Service Executive Committee NIPSA (personal capacity)
Support civil service workers
This article is from the Sept. 2004 edition, Socialist Voice
Call a one day public sector strike FIGHT BACK HAS BEGUN
THE BLAIR government is declaring war on public services and public service workers.
Irish Cement: Eleventh hour talks avert strike
This article is from the Sept. 2004 edition, Socialist Voice
OVER 200 workers at Irish Cement's Platin plant have voted to go on strike. The dispute centres on bonus payments and pensions and has been brewing for over a year. Workers at Platin are represented by several unions with the ATGWU being the largest. Despite only the ATGWU serving strike notice on the company, workers from the other unions have agreed to strike as well.
By Mark Hoskins
Dessian strike report
This article is from the Sept. 2004 edition, Socialist Voice
"The union led me straight to the dole queue!" AFTER EIGHT weeks on strike Dessian workers returned to work at the start of July. The strike began over the sacking of one of the two T&GWU shop stewards by this Belfast firm.
Fire Fighters say.. No backtracking on the deal
This article is from the Sept. 2004 edition, Socialist Voice
MORE THAN 5,000 members of the Fire Brigades Union are balloting for industrial action following the failure of the Fire Service employers to honour the agreement that ended the firefighters' strike in June 2003.
By Tony Maguire
How we unionised Flextronics
This article is from the Sept. 2004 edition, Socialist Voice
FLEXTRONICS, THE multinational semi-conductor manufacturer, has 101 factories in 32 countries. Socialist Voice spoke to a shop steward on how they unionised the Limerick Flextronics factory.

Articles from the July 2004 edition, Socialist Voice

Support Dessian Strikers July 2004 edition, Socialist Voice WORKERS AT the Dessian Products factory in Apollo Road have been on strike since 19 May.
Civil Service Pay Prepare for all out action July 2004 edition, Socialist Voice
THE MONTH of June will close with over 500 NIPSA members on selective strike action.
Firefighters may strike in August July 2004 edition, Socialist Voice
FIREFIGHTERS HAVE decided to ballot for industrial action
Bus workers prepare to fight privatisation plans July 2004 edition, Socialist Voice
As we go to press a strike ballot of National Bus and Rail Union is underway. There are high hopes among rank and file members that a serious approach will be taken by the leadership in demonstrating opposition to the creeping competition and eventual break up of CIE.
The recent elections saw workers draw blood and severely wounding the hated Fianna Fail/PD government. Instead of moving in for the kill, a golden opportunity to finish off the government's break-up plans for Aer Rianta was wasted by the trade union leadership.
By Councillor Clare Daly July 2004 edition, Socialist Voice

Another rotten partnership deal July 2004 edition, Socialist Voice
Negotiations for the second half of the current three-year social partnership deal have concluded with another pro-business and pro-government agreement.

Dessian Strike - Belfast - update June 23rd

Socialist Party leaflet on this ongoing strike.
The strike is still solid and production has been cut to virtually nothing. Last week a number of the sales reps who handled the big orders on which the factory depends handed in their notice saying they could not sell the rubbish that was being turned out by the agency workers and the few scabs currently working.

Talks are due to take place this week but the strikers do not expect a breakthrough. The company are still refusing to budge on their demand for the reinstatement of sacked shop steward, Paddy McCloskey.

Socialist Party members have been visiting the strike and giving support and assistance. The recent NIPSA Conference passed an emergency motion supporting the strike. The sacked airport shop stewards, two of whom are members of the Socialist Party, have also been to the picket line to give support.

Messages of support and donations should be sent to Stephen Magee, 31 Ava Crescent, Belfast BT7 3DU. Cheques should be made payable to the “Dessian Fund”. Below is the text of a Socialist Party leaflet on the strike.
Read the first SP reports here...

Dessian workers on the picket line, Belfast May 2004.

Monday 16th Feb. Airport strikers go onto Hunger strike - ATGWU concedes enquiry

Gordan McNeill and Madan Gupta agreed to end their hunger strike following a meeting with T&GWU Regional Secretary, Brendan Hodgers, at which their call for an enquiry to investigate all that happened during their dispute, including the events that led up to their sacking, was conceded. Read more here...

Attack on the Belfast airport strikers and the Socialist Party

In November 2003 Sean Smyth, a member of the ATGWU, wrote an article on the Belfast international airport strike, the role of the strikers and the SP.

Normally the SP would just ignore attacks from individuals and sectarian groups, but because this attack got some attention and involves our activity supporting workers in struggle, we discussed the matter and drew up this reply, after discussion with the workers concerned. The Socialist Party has a long and proud tradition of supporting workers in struggle.

This attack contains serious and completely untrue allegations about the airport workers and the Socialist Party so we have produced a reply which is endorsed by the workers. We are posting the original article along with the SP's reply and a comment from the airport workers endorsing our reply.

Initial NIPSA election results 16/2/4

A full report is still not available, but the Time for Change group in NIPSA numbers elected onto the General Council has risen from 7 to 9. Within this block there are 4 SP members. Congratulations to all concerned, a full report will follow, including the problems caused by the split to the right by the SWP and others.

QUEENS STRIKE ENDS IN VICTORY: note added, 24/1/4.

The Queens University Belfast Crèche strike ended this week in a victory for the crèche workers.

From a position last November where Queens management refused to consider any change in terms and conditions the workers have achieved a considerable improvement in pay.

For Assistant crèche workers pay will rise by £1000 consolidated over the next 2 years for Supervisors the rise will be £600 consolidated and a £400 lump sum this will be in addition to their annual NJC linked rise.

Thanks to everyone who gave support, without such solidarity this victory would not have been possible.

Time for Change.

2 more photos from the picket lines are available here.

Carmel Gates joins with the creche strikers

January 2004 Socialist Voice - Reports of various disputes

Decentralisation: A cynical vote grabber
FOUR YEARS after hinting about large scale decentralisation in the 1999 budget Charlie McCreevy finally sprung the details on an unsuspecting civil and public service. Read more...

Sacked airport workers take battle to court
THE 23 sacked airport security workers who are demanding compensation for their dismissal are to go to court later this month. A preliminary hearing is due to start on 26 January and is likely to last a week. Read more...

Teachers action starts to bite
Teachers across the North began a campaign of intense industrial action at the beginning of January. Falling short of strike action (a date for which is still to be agreed) teachers are now on a work to rule.
By Mary Cahillane,: INTO Executive (personal capacity)

Civil service pay dispute
ON 11 December NIPSA members across the Northern Ireland Civil Service supported the one day strike in their thousands. Belfast, Derry, Portadown, Ballymena, Strabane, Omagh and Enniskillen all witnessed picket lines and saw the whole service effectively closed down.

Vote Time For Change
NIPSA, NORTHERN Ireland's largest trade union, is about to enter a critical election. The vote for the union's executive, the General Council, comes on the back of a series of industrial disputes that have tested the metal of the leadership at all levels of the union. By Padraig Mulholland.

CIE - Union leaders baulk at action
The leaderships of the National Bus and Rail Union (NBRU) and SIPTU abandoned talks with the Government on the break up and privatisation of CIE for 24 hours, threatened strike action - met Seamus Brennan for three hours, called off their strike threat and reentered the talks!

Rottweiller to privatise prisons
Michael McDowell is closing Spike Island and the Curragh prisons, and turning two other facilities into half way house hostels. McDowell claims he has been "forced" into making these decisions because the Prison Officers' Association (POA) has refused to accept a massive cut in wages. By Denis Keane

SIPTU vice president election Vote Des Derwin
Des Derwin is standing for vice-president of SIPTU. Des is standing against the official candidate of the bureaucracy Brendan Hayes, a SIPTU official who supports social partnership, strict compliance with the Industrial Relations Act and the ending of the membership electing the SIPTU NEC.

Oxigen: Four months on strike
Oxigen workers have had to endure four months on strike because this private waste company has refused to recognise their union SIPTU. By Brian Cahill

Minimum wage: pay the full rate at 16
IT IS five years since Tony Blair's New Labour government introduced the first ever minimum wage into British law, which it hailed as an example of 'social justice' and a 'striking achievement'. By Chris Loughlin

Royal Mail and 1984!!

Revealed: how the Post Office planned to break the Post Office workers strike in November 2003
Managers are urged to spy on and photograph activists
Kevin Maguire - Saturday November 1, 2003 - The Guardian Read the report here.

Reports of various disputes

Trade Union Reports: Rail workers begin break with Labour, PCS, social workers. Socialist Voice, July 2003
Trade Workplace - Trade Union Reports: CIE, Builders, ADM in Cork, CPSU Socialist Voice, July 2003
Belfast International Airport picket

Socialist Trade Union victory

Carmel Gates, Socialist Party and Time for Change candidate for the President of NIPSA, Northern Ireland's largest trade union, comfortably won the election at the union conference in Newcastle last week. Here is a
short report. Congratulations to all concerned.


Bernard Roome, a member of the SP in England, moved the following resolution on the Communication Workers' Union National Committee. It was carried unanimously:
"The CWU re-confirms its total opposition to the impending war on Iraq and will campaign for all members to take protest action on the day that war is officially declared."
All trade union activists opposed to the war can take encouragement from this.

Carmel Gates addressing FBU solidarity meeting, Belfast 30/11/02

The weekly paper of the Socialist Party in England/Wales carried this editorial in their paper after Prescotts bully boy threats were made. All trade unionists should give it a good read.

Firefighters Can Win –
Despite Prescott’s threats

THE 55,000 firefighters who have taken strike action, have not only widespread public support but also the industrial muscle to defeat the government and win their demand for a decent wage that reflects their responsibilities and skills.

According to The Guardian, Blair and his warmongering government have been forced to reduce the number of troops covering the dispute. They are making troops work longer shifts to make up for the thousands of troops they are sending to the Gulf.

New Labour ministers were taken aback by the decision to go ahead with strike action on 28 and 29 January. They confidently expected the union leadership to call them off, even though the government declared that their position had not changed a bit.

They were still insisting that even the 4% pay increase from last November, as part of a three-year deal, was inextricably linked to the FBU accepting the thousands of job losses implicit in the Bain report.

Nick Raynsford, minister 'responsible' for the fire service, complained that the FBU was " no longer credible". John Prescott said that continuing the dispute would mean less money available to settle the dispute. The local government employers voiced what is central to the bosses in this dispute, when they said that the union could not "have a veto on how a publicly funded and democratically accountable service can be managed" (Financial Times 28/01/03). In other words, they want to end the level of workers' control that the firefighters have over the fire service.

The hypocrisy of these employers knows no bounds. They want to cut the number of firefighters and the number of fire stations and engines but condemn the FBU for striking at a time of "heightened public anxiety about threats to safety".  It is the employers that don't give a fig about safety as is demonstrated by the mad dash for privatisation of the London Underground and the rail system. Firefighters have been coming off the picket lines to save lives but they get little appreciation for this.

As we went to press, Prescott announced in the Commons that he would reactivate the 1947 Fire Services Act, repealed in 1959, to take control of the fire service and impose a pay settlement on the firefighters. Firefighters need to meet this challenge with increased determination. They have everything to win by continuing the struggle, especially when war seems imminent. Many increasingly feel that an all-out strike would rapidly bring the government to its knees.

At the same time it would demonstrate to the whole trade union movement that the firefighters mean business and give confidence to workers to take solidarity action as the Tube workers did before Christmas.

Stop Prescotts attack on the FBU

Defend the right to strike!! This afternoon, Tuesday 28th, Prescott announced, because he's being used by Blair [I had typed this as B Liar, not sure which is correct] for the dirty jobs, that he's planning to use a piece of old law, repealed in 1959, to force a pay settlement on the FBU. Some democracy, don't forget, democratic rights is one of the things Blair is going to war for!! A socialist response to the Governments move, 28/1/3

The government is preparing new legal powers to take control of the fire service and impose a pay settlement on Fire fighters, banning the right to strike.

They are preparing to reactivate the Fire Services Act of 1947, repealed in 1959, in an attempt to break the strike. The new powers will allow the government to specify pay, terms and conditions in the fire service. Pay and conditions are currently negotiated with local government employers.

The union called the announcement, which came hours after their latest 48-hour strike began, a "desperate" example of government.

Tuesday's walkout will be followed by a further 48-hour strike on Saturday.

The FBU executive announced on Monday that industrial action will continue after two days of talks with employers at the conciliation service Acas last week.

The Blair government's insistence that the Bain report is non-negotiable means pay raises can only be linked to job loses. This instance means the dispute could become a lengthy one. At mass meetings across the country the anger and determination of ordinary fire fighters has shone through.

FBU General Secretary Andy Gilchrist condemned the announcement as a "desperate act by desperate people. Imposing a settlement by legislation simply highlights their unwillingness to negotiate," Mr Gilchrist added.

"It is bullying tactics and they do not impress us."

London FBU regional secretary Mick Shergold told BBC News Online the announcement was " completely irresponsible".

"This government doesn't give a damn about the fire service," he said. "But this is not going to break the dispute."

Blair’s big gamble

This move is a high stakes gamble for the Government; it has escalated the dispute beyond one of pay to one of the rights of the whole labour movement. 

Labour MP John MacDonald told BBC radio that the Government would not get the support of the majority of Labour MPs on this issue and that they could only push it forward with Tory support. He has consistently asked for assurance that this would not lead to the removal of the right to strike; he has received no such assurance.

With such a huge risks involved speculation that this is a move ‘on track for war’ is rife.

The FBU has been forced back onto the picket line, the strike will last from the 28th until Thursday 30th January. Support the FBU.

FBU Picket, Belfast, November 2002

Lisburn FBU picket, November 2002

As a part of our campaign to support the Firefighters in this dispute, the Socialist Party organised a very successful public meeting on Thursday, 28th, in the Holiday Inn, University Street, Belfast. Despite being organised at only 4 days notice, and pouring rain for several days limiting the amount of postering and leafletting we could do, a good number of trade union activists attended to hear the platform explain the updated position on the dispute.
The platform included Tony Maguire, the Regional Chair of the FBU and Carmel Gates, the Left candidate in the recent NIPSA union elections. A full report will be uploaded over the weekend.
To help the FBU Socialist Party members in Belfast and Derry raised over £1,150 in several hours activity. £250 was handed over by members in Derry at the picket line, the other £900 presented at the Belfast Support Group meeting, Tuesday 26th.
Every worker should, NO YOU MUST, do what you can to help these people in this dispute. The full might of the government propaganda machine is being turned on them. Solidarity is essential, Solidarity can help win this struggle.

NIPSA General Secretary Election.

Carmel Gates, a long standing activist in her union, NIPSA, and a member of the Socialist Party, was nominated by the Time for Change group in the union to contest the General Secretary's election. That ballot finished on Nov. 8th AND CARMEL GOT 39% OF THE VOTE, Marvellous!

For a longer analysis of the result, go here.

Articles in the Nov-December 2002 issue of Socialist Voice

These include: An editorial on the FBU dispute, a general support article and a report by a Belfast FBU activist. Another industrial piece concerns the workers in City Jet.

FBU Dispute

The Socialist Party organised a public meeting addressed by the NIPSA General Election candidate, Carmel Gates, and a local officer of the FBU, Jim Quinn. Despite short notice a large number of trade union activists attended to express their support for this group of workers in struggle.

The platform for the meeting held on Nov. 30th in Belfast. Jim Quinn, Chair of Region 2 of the FBU, NI; Kevin Lawrenson, chaired the meeeting, he is on the General Council of NIPSA; Carmel Gates, the Time for Change candidate in the General Secretary election.
All three were speaking in a personal capacity at this Socialist Party meeting.

Older material on trade union activity by the Socialist Party can be seen by visiting our union archives.