Article from the May 2005 edition, the Socialist
paper of the Socialist Party, the CWI in Ireland.

Queens University Women's Officer Elections

AIDEEN McMULLEN will contest the Queens Students' Union election for the post of Women's Officer on 12 May. Standing for the Socialist Society, Aideen is putting forward a fighting, socialist alternative for the Students' Union.

The Socialist Society has had a very successful year in Queen's University organising anti-war activities, anti water-charges campaigning and organising international solidarity with Sri Lankan socialists. Standing in the Students' Union election is the finale of a year of sterling work!

Aideen is highlighting the complete lack of free cr¸che facilities in Queens as a key issue which she would fight on. These vital facilities must be defended as they play a key role in letting women but also all parents attend and play a full role in student life. Another key issue being highlighted is the safety of female students around Queens University. In the past year, there have been cases of rape and the safety of female students must be a top priority for any prospective women's officer. Yet the night time bus service is still infrequent and badly organised. The inequality women still face in terms of wages in the work place and domestic work is also being highlighted by Aideen; only a strong socialist solution will end the double-exploitation women face in society.

In student politics a strong anti-sectarian voice must be registered. The Students' Union is dominated by right-wing, sectarian careerists who are not interested in defending and fighting for students. These so-called "representatives" of students are merely in it for a good CV. Aideen McMullen will be putting forward a clear, positive programme for a fighting Students' Union that really makes a difference to students' lives.

News Update, 17th May - Aideen got 92 votes in the election, about 12% of the votes - reflecting support among students in her strong anti-sectarian voice

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